2016 Academy Awards: Crazy for Costume Design

The 88th Academy Awards take place this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. While we can’t wait to see what the stars will wear on the red carpet, we’re equally excited by what we’ve already seen them wear on-screen.

Five nominees will contend for this year’s Costume Design award.

Since the 2006 Academy Awards, the honor has gone to a period piece or fantasy film. This year, Sandy Powell is twice nominated (Carol, Cinderella) and has previously won for Shakespeare in Love, The Aviator and The Young Victoria.

No “survivalist” film has won the award since 2004. That year, at the 76th Annual Academy Awards, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King notched the distinction. That said, we aren’t ruling out Mad Max: Fury Road or The Revenant.

Based on recent history, we have a sneaky suspicion that Sandy Powell will take home the award. Check out our rankings:

  1. Cinderella, Sandy Powell
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road, Jenny Beavan
  3. Carol, Sandy Powell
  4. The Danish Girl, Paco Delgado
  5. The Revenant, Jacqueline West