3 of Our Favorite Picnic Outfit Ideas

Summer is the time for fun in the sun and that means swimming, lounging around on the beach, being at one with the great outdoors, andone of our personal favoritespicnics! Whether you’re planning a romantic outing on the seashore with your beau or spending some quality time with your family at a local park, there’s plenty of fun to to be hadand dressing for the part is a great way to get in the spirit.

To get the inside scoop on some amazing styles, and to learn how to put your picnic-themed ensembles together like the best of them, check out this breakdown of our 3 favorite picnic outfit ideas.

  1. Flirty and Feminine


What better time to break out your favorite sundress than for a day in the sun? If you’re looking for picnic outfit ideas that will cater to your feminine sense of style, then this one’s for you! To start, pair the dress of your choicesuch as our white juniors strappy dresswith our long sleeve washed woven shirt. For styling, push up the sleeves of your chambray shirt until they are ¾ inch, unbutton the buttons down the front and instead fasten by tying a knot at the waist. To finish off the outfit, choose a pair of neutral colored wedge sandals or flats, and add a woven sun hat to the mix for a little extra pizazz.

  1. Sporty and Comfortable


When picking an outfit for any occasion, you’ll have to take the day’s activities into consideration. For example, if you’re planning on playing a friendly game of frisbee or badminton during your picnic outing, then you’ll want to dress accordinglyand that means a sundress and wedges may not be a viable option for you.

With one of our more casual and sporty picnic outfit ideas, you can pair cute style with effortless comfort. For instance, pair one of our plain white 2×1 Rib Tanks with a brightly colored plaid or gingham button down, your favorite pair of distressed jeans or denim shorts, and finish your outfit off with a pair of cute boots or tennis shoes. Plaid and gingham patterns are sure to get you in the picnic mood, and you’ll be comfortable enough for whatever the day has in store for you.

  1. The Middle Ground


The last option on our list of amazing picnic outfit ideas is a hybrid of the first twoyou know, for the girl that wants the best of both worlds; something both laid-back and feminine. For a look that’s simple yet charming, all you have to do is pair a solid, neutral-colored tank top or t-shirt with a long, vibrant, billowy skirt and a simple pair of flip flops or flats.

By adding a bright splash of color, you’ll be sure to turn heads, and while you can choose whichever pattern for the skirt that you’d like, floral patterns are a picnic favorite. They’re vibrant, full of life, and perfect for outdoor settings. If you’re looking for a good accessory to finish your outfit off, you could also add a shawl, scarf, or even a good pair of sunglasses to the mix. To keep it natural, you could also go for a flower headband.

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