3 Interesting Ways to Wear Your Favorite Juniors T-Shirt

In a bit of a fashion rut? Trying to create unique looks with casual basics? Try these three easy ways to pump some new life into your wardrobe using your favorite juniors t-shirt!

district - juniors very important tee1. Wear it with a Skirt

Skirts and dresses can be just as casual as your favorite leggings or jeans. Creating casual looks with a skirt and a juniors t-shirt can even be fun, and the possibilities are endless. Looking for a comfortable summertime look? Try wearing a tee with a soft, flowy maxi skirt. How about a laid back way to wear a twirly circle skirt? A plain black tee can do the trick.

Not only can you play with different skirt styles, but you can experiment with how you wear this look. Tuck in your tee for a more polished look or go relaxed with your shirt untucked. Dress your look up or down with your shoe choice, from flip flops to high heels, and the kind of accessories you wear. Pairing District® Clothing’s high quality t-shirts with your favorite skirts may become your favorite fashion activity!

vintage wash v neck tee2. Wear it with a Coat or Jacket

A simple jeans and t-shirt outfit can transform into just about any kind of look just by adding a different jacket, coat, or other outerwear. District® Clothing tees are versatile enough to be worn with just about anything. Go edgy with a leather jacket. Jean jackets paired with leggings create a fun and fresh look. Keep up on the latest trends by wearing an oversized coat or trench. Vests can also create a unique look and blazers can make a juniors t-shirt work appropriate. We might even include hoodies in the conversation for the ultimate comfort or active outfit!

3. Wear it Oversized

cap sleeve v neck teeFit is often number one on your checklist as you enter the fitting room on a shopping trip. But fit doesn’t always mean what you think it does. A juniors t-shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be fitted to look great on you. Playing with different sizes and fits can help you create a truly unique look.

Leggings have become more popular than jeans these days and instead of perfectly fitted or even tight t-shirts, the trend is to go oversized. Try buying a size or two bigger. Play with necklines, scoop necks, and some v-necks that may even become over the shoulder looks. You can cinch, tie it, or even tuck it into the front of jeans for a laid back but trendy look.

Use these three easy tips to help create your own interesting outfits with your favorite District® Clothing juniors t-shirt!