3 Stylish Ways to Layer Your Favorite Women’s Hoodie

ladies mini stripe full-zip black hoodie

We love all of our fashion basics at District® Clothing, but we have a very special place in our hearts for hoodies. Once a piece that immediately made one think of working out, quality, stylish hoodies have become fashion essentials, perfect for outfits and styles of all sorts. We especially love playing with this fashion favorite and working in other looks and styles.

One of our favorite women’s hoodies is the Mini Stripe Full-Zip Women’s Hoodie. Try pairing this quality sweatshirt with these fun new layering ideas:

  1. Under Jacket

Despite common belief, a hoodie does not always have to be the top layer. Our hoodies are perfectly layerable over, under, or even between other clothing items! We love the look of a stylish women’s hoodie peeking out of a jacket for a fresh take on fall and winter fashion. Our Mini Stripe Full-Zip Hoodie perfectly combines comfort and style and looks great with outfits of all sorts. For a tough chick look, layer your hoodie under a classic leather jacket along with jogging pants, jeans, or leggings. Military jackets are one of our favorite new trends and look great layered over a classic hoodie. Easily dress this look up by wearing a blazer over your hoodie along with skinny jeans or pants and booties.

ladies mini stripe full-zip gray hoodie

  1. Over Collared Shirt

Mixing and matching is the name of our fashion game! Quality basics like those available at District® Clothing are so easy to play with, it can be fun to create your own unique new looks! We love it when worlds collide, and that can be recreated with this look. Wear your favorite women’s hoodie layered over a collared shirt for a cross between preppy and casual. Style it however you wish, whether you leave your hoodie unzipped and shirt unbuttoned with a tank or tee with a long necklace or scarf, have the collar showing, or even have your cuffs peek out from your hoodie sleeves. We also love the look of having the bottom of a long or oversized button up showing from underneath your hoodie!

  1. Over Tank

Some of you may think that hoodies and sweatshirts should only be worn as practical pieces that keep you warm. However, hoodies look great layered over summer essentials such as swimwear, dresses, and tank tops! District® Clothing’s wide variety of tanks are perfectly versatile and look great with nearly every style. Go for a laid back beachy vibe with one of our comfortable tanks worn under our Mini Stripe Full-Zip Women’s Hoodie along with shorts and sandals. You will love the carefree nature of this look and your favorite hoodie will quickly become your favorite summer cover up.

Get creative and try making your own unique layering looks with District® Clothing’s women’s hoodies!