3 Subtle Ways to Add Lace to Your Wardrobe

Lace is no longer the old fashioned fabric you used to know. Back in the day, this soft and delicate material was used to add a feminine touch to dresses or other clothing items. Later on, lace was worn in only risque outfits, including lingerie. Nowadays, lace can be seen on just about everything from formal dresses and accessories to casual lace tees and details.

So now that you know that lace can be worn anytime, anywhere, how should you add it to your wardrobe? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think. From all lace pieces to subtle accessory details, here are three easy ways to add some of that delicate lace to your favorite looks!

Lace Detailed Top

1. Lace Detailed Top

Perhaps the easiest way to add a touch of lace to your wardrobe is with clothing items that feature a lace detail. Such pieces make it easy to achieve the lace look without having to add any accessories or DIY. Items can vary, and include entirely lace pieces, such as lace tanks, dresses, or other tops, or more subtle features such as a lace pocket detail on top or pants or a lace inset, like the one featured on District’s® Tri-Blend Lace Tee. Lace tees like this one give the wearer a chance to add just a little something extra to their casual look.

2. Lace Accessories

lace tees

Lace accessories give you the chance to add the lace look to any outfit. Dressing up? Pair a comfortable racerback dress with a lace covered clutch purse or heels. Heading to the gym? Try a cloth lace headband to keep your hair back and look stylish while sweating it out. Deciding what to wear to work or school? There are tons of great jewelry pieces that either include actual lace or feature a lacy design that would look great with any look. Hanging out with friends or running errands? A lace scarf can easily and instantly spruce up any look.

3. Lace Layers

Lace tees and clothing items aren’t the only way to wear lace without accessories. Try layering lace pieces either over or under other clothing items. One fun, summer look is layering a lace bandeau bra under a loose fitting tank. You can even layer lace over other items by wearing an all lace tank, tee, or other top layered over another fitted tank or tee. A classic way to layer lace is by having a lace trimmed cami peek under scoop neck or v-neck, like District’s® 60/40 Scoop Tee.

From lace tees to accessories, no matter what your style is, try these easy ways to add lace to your favorite looks!