5 Creative Looks to Using Plain Zip Hoodies

Plain zip hoodies may seem like the epitome of simple, casual fashion. But if you consider your favorite hoodie like we consider all our fashion basics, it can be a blank canvas for you to get creative with your style! Try out these fun and unique looks that combine some of our hoodies with today’s most fashion forward trends.

Mix and match with structure


At District® Clothing, we love mixing and matching styles. Because we specialize in more laid back, casual items, we love pairing them with structured, dressier items. An easy way to create this look is by pairing one of our plain zip hoodies with a cool blazer or peacoat. This combination is especially great for cold weather days when you need multiple layers that still look fashionable. Layer easily with our Juniors Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie.

Boho couture

Ever think a sweatshirt could be considered bohemian? In fact, a variety of high fashion looks have featured hoods lately. An easy way to recreate these looks is by simply pairing one of District’s comfortable and stylish plain zip hoodies with a classic boho item like a maxi skirt.

Military or denim vest


Getting creative with your style means pairing items together that you wouldn’t normally think would work. Utility vests have wiggled their way into mainstream trends, so why not wear one with your favorite hoodie? This is an easy way to capture a current layering trend! Military and denim vests are fairly common but you can put a little DIY into your look by cutting off the sleeves of an old or thrift store jacket. Try this look with our Mini Stripe Full-Zip Hoodie.

Play up accessories


We mentioned that all our fashion basics are blank canvases. This creative look takes that idea literally by using one of our plain zip hoodies as a basis for a fun, accessorized fashion masterpiece! A simple combination of jeans and a sweatshirt can become uber stylish by adding jewelry, shoes, a statement purse, and a trendy hat that create a look that is all you! Add a pop of color with one of our Marled Fleece Full-Zip Hoodies and your favorite accessories.

Matching skirt

So you’ve heard of sweatshirts and sweatpants, of course, but have you ever worn a sweat-skirt? It may seem like an obvious choice to pair with a hoodie, but despite being cute and comfortable, sweat-skirts aren’t as common as you would think. We predict that changing soon, so get creative and jump on this trend now! This look is perfect for winter weekend coffee dates or brunch at your bestie’s place.

Get creative with casual fashion and play with your own unique looks featuring District® Clothing’s plain zip hoodies!