5 Creative Ways to Utilize Plain Cotton T-Shirts

A plain white tee. Something so simple can go a long way. With such a pure, blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. All of our fashion basics are created to be fashion building blocks to create your own unique looks. But none of our items are as perfect for such creativity as the white t-shirt. Take a look at these kick starter outfit ideas using two of our favorite plain cotton t-shirts: the District Made™ Ladies Perfect Weight Scoop Tee and The Concert Tee™.


Midi Skirt + Statement Necklace

Skirt length trends always seem to change. From minis to maxis and everything in between, you really can’t go wrong. Perfect for fall is the midi skirt which features a hemline that hits right below your knees or on your shins. We love the look of twirly girly midi skirts paired with plain cotton t-shirts. Add a fun statement necklace and you are ready to go! If your midi skirt sits higher on your waist, try tying your tee in a knot instead of tucking it in!

Floral Shawl + Relaxed Jeans

There is something so wonderful about a piece of clothing that can look laid back and put together all at the same time. This is true of the on-trend floral shawl. Available in all sorts of colors and styles, you will love draping it over your plain cotton t-shirts and your favorite pair of worn-in jeans. This look emits the pretty and the chill.

Colored Jeans + Printed Flats

Ever try to go oversize with your plain cotton t-shirts? Go a size or two up and wear with brightly colored skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats for a new take on a classic. Tuck in your tee either in the front, back, or all around to add a modern twist to this eternally favorite outfit for the casual girl.

Overalls + Wool Fedora

We just can’t seem to escape the overalls comeback! But we won’t lie, we love the ease and casual nature of these 90s flashbacks. You can find really fashionable overalls just about anywhere now, and there’s no better partner than the plain white tee. Try pairing our Scoop Tee with distressed shorteralls and a statement-making wool fedora.

Jumper + Boots

Another fun 90s fashion comeback is the jumper dress. You may remember wearing one to your first day of kindergarten, but mod jumpers have become the newest reborn favorite. Put this old school classic into the 2010s by pairing our Concert Tee® with a sleek, black slitted maxi jumper and a rocking pair of combat boots for a look that will make you unable to be messed with.


Create your own unique, fashion forward looks with plain cotton t-shirts and more from District® Clothing!