5 Must-Have Pieces for Sleek, Casual Style

At District® Clothing, we love all things casual. From our tees to our tanks and everything in between, every part of our collection is meant for your casual lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean that our fashion basics can’t be used for other styles. In fact, with just a few simple fixes, you can instantly transform your favorite laid back, casual look into one that is polished, put together, and sleek!

To ensure your new sleek, casual style, add these must-have pieces to your closet:

Black T-Shirts


Sometimes, it’s all in the color. Colors have so much meaning, and often they affect us without us even knowing. White tees usually say laidback, while bright colors say fun. When you’re going for a polished, sleek look that still stays casual, opt for a black crew neck t-shirt! A few of our favorites include the Slub Crew Neck Tee and the Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee.

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

For most of us, jeans equal comfort. They are everyone’s go-to for most outfits and go well with everything. But to combine this essential comfort with the sleekness you desire, go with a fitted dark wash pair. This style instantly makes any casual look more polished and put together. Wear with a black crew neck t-shirt like District’s® 1×1 Rib Crew Neck Tee and nude flats for a casual Friday favorite.

Long Sleeve Tees


A short sleeve tee can give most outfits a touch of casual. However, there is something about a nice, fitted, long sleeve t-shirt that adds a level of sleekness to an otherwise laid back look. Guys, try opting for a long sleeve black crew neck t-shirt, like our Textured Long Sleeve Tee and for the ladies our new Perfect Weight® ¾ Sleeve Tee!


You simply can’t avoid looking sleek when you wear a blazer or suit jacket. This single piece can make any look more professional and put together for both guys and gals. Of course these can be worn with dressy looks but seeing as how most of our favorite looks are casual, we love them even more paired with jeans, a black crew neck t-shirt, and even sneakers!

For a put together polished look that doesn’t leave you stiff, incorporate these sleek casual must-haves to your own fashion lineup!