With the holidays approaching, many of the foods we will be tempted to eat are overly processed and loaded with sugar and salt. In order to tackle a busy seasonal schedule with ease — and fight off all the cold and flu germs lurking around — it’s critical to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Unless you’re extremely diligent with your nutrition, the chances of giving your body the enzymes and nutrients it needs on a daily basis are slim to none….and those holiday treats are far from slim!

To stay on track all year long, keep these five superfoods in mind (and in your fridge):

(1) Apples — an instant energy boost. Better yet, juice apples with greens! Apples juiced give an instant kick, while the greens provide a longer lasting energy.

(2) Ginger – keeps the germs away. 2oz. ginger shots — a quick drink made with juiced lemon, ginger and a dash or two of cayenne pepper – helps boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and clears sinuses. You can also make a tea with lemon juice, grated ginger and a little honey with hot water.

(3) Grapefruit – a natural detoxifier. Loaded with soluble fiber, grapefruit helps flush out the body and cleanse the liver. Great to have the morning after you’ve enjoyed a few too many desserts….you’ll feel clean and refreshed in no time!

(4) Spinach and/or Kale – glow from the inside out. Spinach and kale contain powerful antioxidants, they’re high in fiber, and keep wrinkles at bay by helping prevent the destruction of collagen as we get older. Vitamin-rich spinach has beta-carotene and zinc to help the hair, skin and nails grow. A single-cup serving of kale has almost as much vitamin C as an orange – and as much calcium as a cup of milk! Kale is also one of the best sources of vitamin A, which promotes eye and skin health and helps strengthen the immune system.

(5) Sweet Potatoes – from frazzled to focused. Juiced sweet potatoes (spice them up with a small amount of ginger and apple) will deliver a zen-like level of concentration and a delicious calm!