Achieve Summer Style Year Round with the Raglan Baseball Tee

Believe it or not, the raglan baseball tee is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your closet. Although its distinct, instantly recognizable style may evoke thoughts of summer, the baseball raglan is truly a year round tee. From casual hangout looks to sporty workout chic, and even dressier and trendier looks, the baseball tee is here to stay.

So how do you wear this classic summer style the rest of the year without looking unseasonable? Check out these outfit ideas and more to help you wear this fun, athletic favorite for every season!

raglan baseball teeraglan baseball tee


Even though there are so many great things about fall, sometimes it takes a while to give up our favorite parts of summer. Once the days start getting shorter and cooler, we might just have to face the music and swap our sandals, shorts, and tank tops for boots, jeans, and sweaters. But there is one summer fashion staple that transitions seamlessly into autumn, and that is the raglan baseball tee. With their sporty edge, these shirts look just as great at a football or soccer game as they do at the ballpark.

For a casual fall outfit, try pairing one of our raglans, like the Microburn® Long Sleeve for girls or the 50/50 Raglan Hoodie for guys with your favorite pair of jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie or jacket! Perfect for an early fall afternoon football game.


Nothing says baseball like snow and sub freezing temps! Okay, maybe not. But sometimes we seem to think that certain clothing items and accessories are season specific. Sure hats and gloves would seem silly in the middle of July, and flip flops not exactly blizzard friendly. However, something like the raglan baseball tee works great no matter what’s going on outside. Layer yours under a cardigan, sweatshirt and/or coat along with your other usual winter wear and you will have a little piece of summer with you!


raglan baseball teeraglan baseball tee

The second you feel it start to get warmer, you know you can’t wait to start pulling out all your summer favorites. But springtime weather can be fickle, so it’s best to hold off on the tanks and shorts. Instead, celebrate the start of baseball season with a raglan baseball tee!

Keep it cool with District’s® 50/50 ¾-Sleeve for girls and Microburn® ¾-Sleeve for guys. Pair these with just about anything from shorts to jeans or even sweats!

Try creating your own outfits with more of District’s® summer pieces that work all year round!