The Art of Clean-Cut Fashion: Basic T-Shirts & Streamlined Silhouettes

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest and greatest trends these days. And as much as we love playing with styles and keeping up on our fashion game, sometime it’s nice to keep it simple. When you hear the term “clean-cut,” images of 1950s sitcoms may come to mind. But for us at District® Clothing, clean-cut fashion means keeping it simple with our collection of go-to fashion basics.

Featuring classic shapes and streamlined silhouettes, here’s how to create your very own clean-cut wardrobe with basic t-shirts from District® Clothing:

Cotton/Spandex Banded V-Neck Tee + Ankle Pants

Pleated ankle pantsare on-trend alternatives that instantly create a polished look. Go full prep with a polo or collared shirt or add a casual touch with a nice, fitted tee like our Banded V-Neck.

basic t-shirts

Gravel 50/50 Girly Crew Tee + Dark Wash Jeans

Clean cut fashion doesn’t have to always be dressy or business. A casual, jeans and t-shirt outfit can look just as polished as any traditionally nice ensemble, as long as you keep a few things in mind. Stick to darker colors, especially when it comes to your jeans. Darker washes instantly give off a more put together look. Also be sure your tee is nicely fitted. Our Girly Crew Tee features cap sleeves as well as shoulder and back seam details which can add some chicness to otherwise basic t-shirts.

basic t-shirts

Juniors The Concert Tee™ Long Sleeve V-Neck + Wide Leg Pants

To ensure a polished look when it comes to your pants, fit is key. There are so many places a pair of pants needs to fit correctly, including the waist, butt, and thighs, in addition to the length and where they hit on your ankles. Properly fitted pants will instantly place your outfit above the rest. A pair of nice, wide leg pants that aren’t too long will look great with our long sleeve basic t-shirts and your go-to heels.

basic t-shirts

Very Important Tee® V-Neck + Structured Circle Skirt

A streamlined silhouette doesn’t mean that everything you wear has to be form fitting. Structured pieces are key to creating a clean look, and that includes dresses and skirts. Pair one of our basic t-shirts with a cute, structured circle skirt and a pair of flats for a fun and flirty look for day or night!

 basic t-shirts

Now try to create your own clean-cut outfits with pieces from your wardrobe paired with basic t-shirts from District® Clothing!