Artist Q&A: Xavi Panneton

San Francisco-based artist Xavi Panneton first caught our eye on Instagram because of his colorful and creative art pieces. We made it our mission to learn more about this mural artist and see what keeps him creative!

After being exposed to Graffiti Art as a young kid in Washington D.C., Xavi’s work has now evolved into murals, festival art pieces and clothing. Read on to get more familiar with this visionary artist.

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DC: When did you first start exploring art?

XP: My earliest memory is from first grade, when I immediately realized I could stay inside the lines before any of the other kids in class.


DC: How did your designs go from hobby to now?

XP: As a kid, I spent all my free time drawing (and skateboarding). When I reached junior high, I got an airbrush and two big air guns, and soon had a business airbrushing peoples clothes. From there, I started painting murals in friends bedrooms and it just grew. I knew by 9th grade I was going to be a professional artist. I also became obsessed with Graffiti Art at that time.


DC: What are some of your favorite pieces you have created?

XP: Wow, that’s a tough one. I would say the Stargate Portal Room inside Temple Nightclub in SF. The building mural I did on upper Haight St. in San Francisco, and the big mural I painted in Quito Ecuador.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.25.55 AM

DC: What keeps you inspired and feeling creative?

XP: Getting out in nature or anywhere really and observing all the patterns, colors, shapes, and spacial relationships that are present. It’s all about seeing art and design everywhere in the world. And conversely, I love imagining what amazing things lie deep in the inner reaches of our minds. There’s a lot to discover inside.


DC: You incorporate a lot of color into your work, how do you think that adds to your pieces?

XP: I definitely see colors being directly correlated to our emotions and perception of meaning. I use color to elicit a specific mood. Basic color palettes are great for feelings like joy, peace, tranquility, excitement, and fierce passion. More subtle color palettes are great for deeper, more contemplative feels or emotional states that aren’t so easily defined.


DC: Your favorite artists?

XP: MC Escher always. No one can touch him still to this day. Mad C: Female Graffiti Artist and Mural Master from Germany. She crushes all. Kids: I can’t wait to see what they are creating. I like to watch out for the future of art.

DC: What’s your staple piece of clothing right now?

XP: I’m loving the classic white t-shirt right now, like District’s Concert Tee. I get a lot of colorful design in my gear, and it feels good to take it back to basics sometimes.