Known for her quirky personality and signature thick-framed glasses, powerhouse singer Michelle Chamuel exploded onto the music scene this year after becoming runner-up on NBC’s “The Voice,” Season 4. With her new single “Going Down Singing” dropping this week, we caught up with Michelle to get her thoughts on “The Voice,” her new single and her style inspiration.

DC: Tell us a little about the single you released Tuesday.

MC: I’m so excited to get to release this track as my single. It was created with two of my close friends and expresses a message I strongly believe in. There’s so much love and heart in it – it’s a privilege to get to do what I love and work with people I strongly believe in.

DC: When did you realize music was your calling?

MC: I always knew I loved music, but think it’s when college time rolled around that it really hit me – music is the only thing I want to dedicate my life to. I work around the clock for it and am happy to do so.

DC: In one word, how would you describe your experience on “The Voice?”

MC: Amplified.

DC: What keeps you creative?

MC: Taking lots of walks! Drinking enough water. Resting. Spending time alone. Spending time with other people…as someone wise once said, “there is no such thing as an ordinary person.” I agree with that.

DC: You have a signature look that people love; what or who inspires your style?

MC: Thanks, very kind of you to say. My style is inspired by what makes me feel most comfortable, most at home, most ready to embrace the day.

DC: What is your staple fashion item?

MC: Hmm. A blazer! And a hoodie! Had to put two in there.

DC: Any advice for aspiring singers out there?

MC: Be yourself. Drink water. And if you’re feeling cooped up and in your own head, take a minute to walk, breathe, dance like an idiot, shout. Smile at someone. We’re not meant to live in our heads.

To listen to Michelle’s new single head Go Down Singing