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How to Create Fall-Inspired Outfits

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to dust off all of your fall favorites – sweaters, scarves, and boots – and keep your eyes peeled for this year’s hottest fall trends when you’re out and about.

Not sure what fashion staples to look for? At District, we’re always happy to lend a hand with your outfit inspirations. We’re going to walk you through countless ways that you can perfect your fall-inspired outfits.


Know What Colors Are In This Season

Finding well-informed fall outfit inspirations begins with figuring out which colors are a hit this season. Once you know what colors were popular on the runways, you can work on incorporating them into your wardrobe.

It’s quite possible that you already have a few of this season’s most popular hues in your closet, so creating on-trend, fall-inspired outfits won’t require an expensive overhaul of your current threads. However, there are also a few playful departures you probably overlooked, but should definitely embrace. Here’s a look at the Pantone Color Institute’s Fall 2016 palette:

  • Sharkskin and Warm Taupe: Neutral tones which offer a level of stability to your wardrobe.
  • Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, and Potter’s Clay: Red tones to lend your fall outfit inspirations a feeling of confidence and warmth.
  • Riverside and Airy Blue: Blue tones that add consistency and strength to your wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to add a few exotic options to your wardrobe with a bright pop of color. Choose hues like Lush Meadow (a vibrant, yet sophisticated shade of green), Spicy Mustard, and Bodacious (a hot pinkish purple that is vibrant, unexpected, and versatile enough to pair with many of the other Pantone colors of the season).

How to Work Fall Colors Into Your Wardrobe

A common theme among fall outfits is a darker color palette, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bright color from time to time. Here are a few tips you can use to seamlessly work the vibrant Pantone colors into your fall outfit inspirations.

Make sure you have plenty of earthy-colored basics to use as an anchoring foundation—like burgundy, brown, yellow, orange, burnt, or red—and highlight your outfit with contrasting colors, such as white, gray, black, hints of blue, and use a single exotic shade per outfit. Remember, a little bit of color goes a long way.


Here are a few fall outfit inspirations we’ve come up with:

  • Layer a vibrant tee beneath a brown or black jacket, and then finish your look off with your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Pair a colorful skirt or dress with a dark or neutral-colored cardigan, black leggings, and booties.
  • Add an upbeat, eye-catching element to an overall neutral look by experimenting with brightly colored clutches, hats, scarves, and/or jewelry.

Incorporate This Season’s Go-To Patterns, Prints, & Fabric Favorites

Now that you’ve been thoroughly introduced to the fall 2016 color palette, it’s time to walk you through a few of this season’s go-to patterns, prints, and fabric favorites that you can work into your fall outfit inspirations.

Plaid: If you want to keep your look sharp and sophisticated, infuse your wardrobe with plaid and checked patterns. From pleated skirts and fitted trousers to oversized coats and more, there are plenty of ways that you can make this pattern a part of your fall style, whether you’re trying to come up with fall outfit inspirations that are appropriate for work or when you’re off the clock.


Moody Florals: Looking for a feminine option? Go for a moody floral number. Florals aren’t just for spring and summer anymore; with a dark, rich color scheme, moody florals are taking center stage this fall season. From tiered floral dresses and flowy skirts to bold floral print sweatshirts, there are plenty of ways that you can make this trend your own.

Animal Prints: Leopard print came roaring back to life this season, making notable appearances at Alexander Wang, Coach, and Stella McCartney. Tame the beast by making it a part of your fall outfit inspirations. Not feeling the spots? Other popular animal prints this season include zebra stripes and tiger stripes, as well all-over graphic designs of birds, deer, and cats.

Velvet: Featured in designs from Antonio Berardi, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Gucci, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs—the list goes on and on—velvet is definitely one of the most popular fabric trends this season. However, pulling off runway styles in your own fall outfit inspirations can be tricky sometimes, and velvet is the perfect example.

If you think you can wear a head-to-toe velvet ensemble and look great, by all means, go for it! However, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to pull it off, it’s perfectly understandable. You’re not the only one. Here’s our advice: work velvet into your fall outfit inspirations with a few spot-on accents. For instance, a nice pair of velvet heels or booties, a velvet scarf, or a velvet handbag can complement a wool or leather outfit.


PVC: This ultra-glossy, faux leather alternative builds off of last year’s patent leather trend, and it’s featured on a number of pleated leather skirts, high-shine leather trench coats, tops, and pants. If you want to tone it down a bit for your fall outfit inspirations, follow the same advice we gave for the velvet trend—use it as an inspiration for your accessories. A stylish PVC clutch or headband is all you need.

Precious Metals: This seasonal standout comes in many different forms—from statement jewelry and edgy clothing accents to a wide range of couture clothing made with metallic fabrics. Popular metal colors used this season include yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, copper, and bronze, but silver also made a notable appearance. To utilize this trend with your fall outfit inspirations, shop for a metallic clutch, handbag, pair of heels, dress, or blouse.

Sporty Chic

Cool, casual pieces with a sporty influence were also making a statement on the runway this season, with designs from Alexander Wang, Rebecca Taylor, Coach, and Gucci featuring bold pops of color and exciting details that draw the eye. If you’re an avid sports fan, this is your time to shine! Show off your team spirit with all of your favorite varsity inspired pieces.


Pair your lucky jersey with jeans and tennis shoes for a sporty chic outfit that’s perfect for fall. Keep off the chill with a leather varsity jacket, or keep it casual by accessorizing with a trusty baseball or tossle cap.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Holiday Spirit!

Some of our favorite fall holidays are right around the corner, so showcase your holiday spirit all season long with holiday inspired looks. There are plenty of spooky and harvest-themed elements you can seamlessly work into your daily wear this fall season, whether you’re keeping it casual for a trip to a pumpkin patch with your family or dressing to impress for a day at the office. Here are a few ways that you can show off your holiday spirit with your fall outfit inspirations.

Keep It Subtle with Well-Chosen Accessories

If you’re going for a more subtle expression of holiday spirit, stick to accessories. Black cats, spiders, and skulls will all add a spooky element to your outfit, while pumpkins, gourds, grapes, and pears will add a harvest theme to your attire. Focus on introducing these elements with your jewelry, your hat and scarf combo, your handbag, or—if you’re one of the guys out there—your tie! As long as you know where to mix them in, they won’t be too distracting for the workplace or make your outfit feel like a gimmick.


Full Ensembles Inspired By Your Favorite Fall Holidays

If you want to show off your holiday spirit in a more robust way, here are a few head-to-toe ensembles that are easy to recreate, and muted enough for everyday wear. We’ve also made sure that each one is infused with elements that are hot off this season’s runway.

A Witch’s Attire: If black is your power color, this spellbinding look is right up your alley. To pull it off, all you need is a pair of knee high boots, a black dress or skirt (extra points if it has an asymmetrical hem), silver accessories, and a chic hat. Asymmetrical hems and midi-length hemlines on skirts and dresses have been put on a pedestal by a number of designers this season, as have metal accents. Opt for silver bangles, silver cord necklaces, or a silver studded belt.

Pilgrim Attire: Renaissance chic styles are also a big deal on the runway this season, with designers using plenty of velvet, ruffles, and statement sleeves in their showcases. Use this trend to your advantage when creating a toned down, yet flattering play on pilgrim attire. Keep your color scheme plain (mostly black and white), your coverage modest, and include plenty of buttons and ruffles. For an even more toned-down look, wear a simple button up with a pair of black slacks and boots.

Farmhand Attire: This time of the year, orchards are brimming with apples and farmlands are rich with harvest, making this spin on farmhand attire a welcome addition to your repertoire of fall inspired outfits. Try to pull it off a collared shirt (extra points if it’s denim), a jacket or vest, and a pair of leather boots. To finish your look, accessorize with a headwrap, a flowered headband, or make your own all-natural crown using golden wheat, woven straw, sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, and heliopsis.


Get Inspiration From Your Favorite Seasonal Treats

If you’re looking for whimsical ideas, simply take a look around you. When the fall season rolls in, what are some of the things you get most excited about? Food is always somewhere on that list. Don’t be afraid to channel your favorite seasonal treats into your fall outfit inspirations! Here are a few sweet examples:

Pumpkin Spice Latte: Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice lattes? Steam up your wardrobe this fall with a caramel colored cardigan, like our The Concert Fleece™ Full-Zip Hoodie in Neon Orange, a whipped cream colored shirt, like our Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee in Natural Heather, coffee colored bottoms, and black shoes.

Caramel Apple: For this decadent look, it’s all about pairing crisp colors that are straight from the orchard with warm caramel hues. To pull it off, start with our Slub V-Neck Tee in Green Tea, or our Very Important Tee® V-Neck in Classic Red, and then top it off with a caramel colored scarf or cardigan.

Candy Corn: The key to this candy-inspired look is layering white, yellow, and orange. As long as you have those three colors, you’re good to go. Here are a few of our District staples that are up for the job: The Concert Fleece™ Full Zip Hoodie in Neon Yellow, Juniors The Concert Tank in Neon Orange, Juniors Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie in White, and our 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee in Orange/White. If you’re missing one of the three colors in your fall outfit inspiration, add some colorful jewelry into the mix.


Finish Off Your Fall Outfit Inspirations with Trendy Outerwear

When it comes to shopping for trendy outerwear this season, you have an enormous amount of freedom. There were so many outerwear options seen on the runway that, no matter what your personal style is, you’re bound to find an option to fall in love with. Check out a few of our favorites:

  • Sleek and sophisticated utilitarian pieces that are full of attitude.
  • Statement fur coats. Can be real or faux, but extra points if it’s shearling. Choose solid, multicolored, or graphic designs like color-blocked squares, intersecting lines, and bold windowpane grids.
  • Bright velvet is a great way for you to introduce a surprising color like Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious, or
  • Riverside to your wardrobe.
  • Plaid overcoats.
  • Outerwear with feline prints.
  • PVC or patent leather trench coats.
  • Navy-inspired calf and ankle-length, double breasted coats.

Get Your Fashion Staples at District!

Now that you know what trends are hot this season, you can start putting together your fall outfit inspirations. Shop for all of your basics at The District, and check back often for more fashion tips.

Cute Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day is right around the corner, and while some people are mulling over their menu options, seating arrangements, and other hosting concerns, some of us are debating much more pressing issues—like what to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Choosing the right outfit might not be most concerning aspect of the holiday, but it’s still important to find the perfect ensemble for the dinner! Since this is one of the holidays at which you need to focus on impressing family, we’ll provide you with some appropriate outfits that are sure to showcase your personality.

Delightfully Dressy

If you’re the type of girl who feels the cutest in a dress, you already know what to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner! Any dress will do—such as a pretty floral number—but the cool autumn weather presents you with the perfect opportunity to break out a cozy sweater dress.

When paired with leggings and boots, you’ll be comfortable and cute—and you’ll have plenty of room to stay comfortable after indulging in all of that delicious Thanksgiving food.

Dressy Alternatives

Who says that you have to wear a dress in order to feel dressy? There are plenty other ways you can dress up, including:

  • A flattering jumpsuit and flats.
  • A v-neck, elastic waist pencil skirt, and loafers.
  • A scoop neck blouse, jeans, a fashion scarf, and chunky heels.

Just remember not to wear anything too fitted or restricting. The first rule of what you need to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner is that feeling comfortable will ensure you look (and feel) cute the whole night.

Comfy & Casual


If you’re more interested in keeping it casual, our fashion basics at District are just what you need. To keep warm and cozy, spice up your look with our Textured Wide Neck Long Sleeve Raglan or our Long Sleeve Thermal. Both options are perfectly pairable with your favorite jeans, and you’ll be ready for everything the day has in store, whether you’re helping out in the kitchen, hosting dinner your family, or kicking back on the couch while your loved ones do all the work.

Feeling chilly? Layer up with our modern, two-toned cardigan sweater, made from combed cotton for extra warmth.

Sporty Chic


Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around the kitchen, the dinner table, or the TV set for sports. If you’re struggling to think of what to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner, think simple: a sporty long sleeve tee or one of our game day tees can be worn in both formal and relaxed environments.

With a feminine twist on a sporty classic, these tees are comfortable enough to wear all day. Some feature feminine keyhole details and they’re all available in a wide variety of colors, so pick one that’s in your favorite team’s colors, and cheer them on in style.

Still Wondering What to Wear to Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
If you’re still not sure what to wear, explore the wide selection at District to find cute outfit inspirations. Browse through our blog today to find more outfit ideas to fall in love with!

office-appropriate Halloween costume ideas

Spooky Office-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

If you’re not careful, dressing up for Halloween at work can result in an unhappy boss when you show up in full costume on October 31st. Since many office professionals inevitably discover that most of the costumes found in stores can be too revealing, distracting, or inappropriate for a workplace environment, it can be hard to find office-appropriate Halloween costume ideas.

Here are three of our favorite Halloween costume ideas to ensure that dressing up for Halloween at work is exciting and festive, while remaining workplace appropriate!

An Untimely Demise

This Halloween, bring your favorite TV character to life by channeling them with your costume! Whether you’re going for a by-
the-book cosplay, or you want to re-imagine your character as the undead, this is one of those
office-appropriate Halloween costume ideas that your co-workers will be talking about years later.

You can step into the shoes of one of the most successful and memorable characters from Mad Men to pull off a great Don Draper with a grey fitted suit, a tie, and a pocket square. Emulate his hair and bring his personality to life by keeping an empty whiskey glass on your desk and a novelty cigarette in hand. For an undead version, just add a small amount of costume makeup. Darken the area around your eyes and draw a red line across your throat to show that your character was murdered.

You can also dress up as Joan Harris with a 1960s-inspired dress in a bright color. Red lipstick, a messy updo, and a cigarette will complete your look.

Other characters that are easy and office-friendly include Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, Michael Scott from The Office, and Saul from Better Call Saul. If you need to make your character more distinguishable, you can even wear a name tag.

If you need some formal work shirt options for these costumes, check out our polos or long sleeve collared shirts for men and our polos and blouses for women.

The Office Villain


Dressing up for Halloween at work is a lot easier when makeup and temporary hair dye is acceptable. If you find out that your company openly embraces the holiday spirit, there are countless routes you can take, including one of our all-time favorites: the resident office villain!

Whether you plan to dress up as one of DC’s most popular villains, the Joker, or his go-to girl, Harley Quinn, there are plenty of ways to make their costumes office friendly. Keep your clothing professional, but in the character’s color scheme. You can find red tees for a workplace Harley or black shirts for a DIY Venom. Make sure that your hair color, style, and makeup is in their spirit.

A Witty Combination

If you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween at work and you’re struggling to nail a spooky element, we have the perfect advice: consider the element of surprise! Most costumes that are openly scary require a lot of fake blood or involve a thick rubber mask, but nothing like that is acceptable in a professional environment. Instead of blood and masks, focus on something a little more discreet.

3 4

One of our favorite ideas for an office is an entertaining Men in Black costume. Dress up as a member of the Men in Black with a black suit and tie, a white button down, and pair of black sunglasses—maybe even throw in a shiny silver pen as a Neuralyzer. Under your agent outfit, secretly conceal a t-shirt portraying an alien. While you’re out to lunch, rip open your shirt to reveal the alien!

Want More Ideas? Keep Checking Back!

Is there more that you want to know about dressing up for Halloween at work? Check our District blog frequently for more info and ideas!

Red V-Neck T-Shirt

Creating the Cutest Independence Day Outfit

As summer’s biggest holiday draws near, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll show off your patriotic style at each of the day’s events. While the Fourth of July may not be thought of as the most fashion forward of holidays, it presents a great chance to enjoy everything you love about putting together a cute Independence Day outfit.

A definitive Fourth of July look combines comfort with a casual vibe that will keep you looking cute and feeling relaxed—all while incorporating a big splash of your favorite patriotic colors. Luckily, red, white, and blue offer plenty of wardrobe versatility, making it easy to style your Independence Day outfit, no matter how you plan on celebrating.

At District, we love understated flexibility, so in order to showcase outfit ideas that show your patriotic spirit in a subtle way, we encourage you to think about your basic fashion principles.

A pop of color is one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit, and the color combination of red, white, and blue makes it easy to pull off this fashion statement. With blue denim and a basic white shirt, red is the natural choice for an accent color. You can choose a simple white and blue ensemble, and top it with red accessories like stylish sandals, hairpieces, and jewelry. You can also pair denim shorts with a white and red print shirt for a fashionable yet patriotic outfit. And while stripes, of course, are the classic print for an Independence Day outfit, you can always opt to show off your personal style with a more whimsical print.

Morning Festivities

Morning Festivities

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that tends to start early and lasts into the night. Whether your Independence Day Morning is full of cooking prep for the main event or just relaxing by the pool, you want to wear something that feels effortless and will get you in the mood to celebrate.

Luckily, it’s easy to show off your patriotic pride in a Ladies Perfect Tri™ V-Neck Tee from District. The lightweight v-neck top is perfect for keeping you cool in the kitchen or under the sun—and it comes in red, navy, royal blue, and maritime blue.

Choose the bold color of your choice and then accent the red or blue tee with our other patriotic colors. For something a little more fun, try layering a red tee with a blue tank top that will peek out above the neckline.

You can also wear flat, white sandals and a hat for an effortless feeling, or elevate your style with wedges and gold jewelry. Complete your Independence Day outfit look with your favorite pair of jean shorts for a red, white, and blue bonanza.

Swim In Style

For many, time spent by the water while enjoying the warmth of the sun is a key part of the Fourth of July festivities. If you spend Independence Day by the beach, you know it’s the perfect time for beach volleyball, splashing in the ocean waves, or just enjoying a drink while perfecting your summer tan.

You might also enjoy taking a pontoon boat out onto a lake with your closest friends and family or lounging by the pool. No matter how you spend your holiday, there’s no reason to let your patriotic style slip while taking a swim.

Swim In StyleSince it’s time to show your patriotic pride in every way, you’re going to need a red, white, and blue swimsuit. Whether you choose an abstract representation for the holiday, by going with a red top and blue bottoms, or opt to dress in American flag attire, swim in style with a nautical-inspired design that fits in perfectly with this holiday’s colorful aesthetic.

Whenever you choose a swimsuit, you also need to choose what to wear on top of it. Though it’s easy to throw denim shorts and a patriotic tank over your suit, there are plenty of other cover-up choices to consider. The beach is the ideal place to show off your favorite sundresses, whether they feature a patriotic print, or a cute, solid red, white, or blue color. Try the Ladies 60/40 Racerback Dress and remind everyone what looking good truly means.

Add in your favorite flip flops and sunglasses to complete the look. You can even lay out on a patriot red and white striped beach towel in between dips in the water. Of course, to catch everyone’s eye at the beach, top it all off with bold red lipstick.

Lounge at the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to spend your July Fourth lounging at the beach with your loved ones, you need an Independence Day outfit that can beat the heat while still showing off your patriotic side. With its light, breathable fabric and explosive color, this Juniors Strappy Dress is always a must-have for the beach season. This versatile, breezy summer dress features thin straps and a v-neckline. It even has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

Lounge at the BeachTo top the look off, wear your favorite sandals and a floppy sun hat. Whether it is a cool fedora or a sporty baseball cap, accessorizing helps to complement your outfit and bring the look together.

If you’re staying in this year, and hosting a party in your home, this dress is the perfect transitional outfit. To transform this dress from casual to formal, pair it with some strappy wedges, and throw on some fabulous statement jewelry.

It’s important to note that if you’re planning to spend all day in the sun, you need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. In addition to wearing sunscreen, bring along some patriotic sunglasses. Whether you’re in the mood for cheeky flag print lenses or classic red wayfarers, sun protection is an essential aspect of any Independence Day outfit.

Enjoy a Patriotic Lunch

Enjoy a Patriotic LunchIf the midday meal is a main feature of your Fourth of July tradition, there’s no better way to go than with an easy, breezy and comfortable outfit. For an elegant idea, try the effortless look of the Juniors Vintage Wash Muscle Tank. This classic-cut, sleeveless, scoop neck top features a deep turquoise blue that exemplifies the holiday spirit. Pair it with white capri pants and red accents for a look that keeps everyone feeling patriotic.

Distressed CapYou can accessorize this look with red and white accents. This dashing red Distressed Cap will be the perfect red addition to your outfit, while this playful Sun Bleached Distressed Cap offers red on the outside and blue underneath. Don’t forget some white flats and a colorful necklace for head-to-toe holiday fun.

Suit Up for an Evening BBQ

Suit Up for an Evening BBQThe BBQ is the main event for many people’s Independence Day celebrations. Chow down in style by showing up in this gorgeous Racerback Tank in a color that’s as American as apple pie.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when choosing your Independence Day outfit is whether you want to go all-in on American iconography, or sidestep the stars and stripes in favor for a more subtle way to combine style and patriotism. If the latter is more in line with your tastes, this adorable Racerback Tank is perfect. This top is for someone who wants to dress for the spirit of the holiday, but prefers to keep it low-key. The passionate red is reminiscent of the American flag, while the shirt cut and fabric are comfortable for all day wear.

To pump up the patriotic feel of this look, you can wear this top with a pair of your favorite bright red heels or some red and white statement jewelry. Whichever way you decide to style it, use accessories to make sure all of America’s favorite colors are represented.

Warm Up for Fireworks

Warm Up for FireworksAfter a long day in the sun, no Fourth of July is complete without an evening with fireworks. Their beautiful display of colorful sparks takes the spirit of celebration to the next level.

Of course, you’ll need to layer up as the evening cools down before the big show. Just slip on a comfortable long sleeve blouse, like District’s Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt. Perfect over a red or white top, this chambray top resembles all-American denim, making it perfect for the holiday and bringing together your Independence Day outfit.

Patriotic Nail Art

No matter what part of the day you’re most excited for, Fourth of July fashion can last through the whole year. Whether you choose to wear one of District Clothing’s patriotic blouses, or you prefer to follow spur-of-the-moment trends like nail art, Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your fashion tastes.

If you’re exceptionally skilled at nail art, you can create a design that resembles the American flag. However, there are simpler ways to achieve a patriotic manicure. For instance, a marbled or two-toned red and blue base with white stars achieves the Fourth of July look, while glitter accents are another fun way to symbolize the flag as well.

Time for a Party

This year, as you get ready to celebrate America’s birthday, remember to party in style. With tons of red, white, and blue options to choose from, District Clothing is the perfect place to find everything you need to create the best Independence Day outfit. Shop our online store today and get ready for the best patriotic party of the year!

Quiz: What Is Your Signature Style?

Have you always wondered what your personal sense of style is? Here at District Clothing, we are the nexus where our citizens can easily express themselves through style. Before we give you the tools to chisel out your brightest, boldest style, you need to figure out what your signature is. Take this simple find your style quiz to figure out what new items you can add to your closet.

Find Your Style Quiz

Answer each question as honestly as you can and tally up your answers to this find your style quiz:

1. Which t-shirt cut do you prefer?

(a) Sleeveless tank

Sleeveless tank

(b) V-neck

V Neck

(c) Crew neck

Crew neck

(d) Raglan





2. A genius scientist invents a time machine that lets you go back in time, but only for a shopping spree. You pack your bags and decide to jump to the…

(a) The 60s.

(b) The 80s.

(c) The 50s.

(d) The 90s.



3. You’ve become the next Bachelorette, probably due to the positive press you received after being the first woman time traveler. These guys are your final four contestants. You have one rose (yellow or red); who gets it?

(a) Strong and honest Brock

Strong and honest Brock

(b) Sizzling Edgar (get the look here)

Sizzling Edgar

(c) Clean-cut Paul (get the look here)

Clean-cut Paul

(d) Billy, Brock’s slightly better looking twin (get the look here)

Billy, Brock’s slightly better looking twin

4. You cut an evil witch off in traffic. She’s really, really mad and hops off her broom. She threatens to curse you. When you ignore her, she turns you into:

(a) An invisible ghost!

(b) A wrapped up mummy!

(c) A sparkly vampire!

(d) A hairy werewolf!



5. Pick a hoodie. Any hoodie.

(a) White

White Hoodie

(b) Dark Fuchsia

Dark Fuchsia

(c) Black


(d) Dark Heather Grey

Dark Heather Grey



6. When you saw this quiz, what reservation did you have about taking a find your style quiz online?

(a) “You don’t get my style, I don’t even get my style.”

(b) “You can’t pin down my style; it always changes depending on where I’m going.”

(c) “You don’t tell me what my style is!”

(d) “I hope this quiz has pants.”



7. Which of these was your favorite Lindsay Lohan look from Mean Girls?

(a) Ex-Wife (unsexy Halloween costume)

(b) Full-on Plastic

(c) Santa Baby

(d) First day of school plaid



8. You’re wearing your favorite outfit on a date tonight. Do you:

(a) Spray some wrinkle release on it and head out the door?

(b) Iron it, starch it, and hang it up hours before?

(c) Swing by the dry cleaners earlier that day to pick it up?

(d) Pray that you’ve washed it?



9. A house falls on that witch that cursed you, a la The Wizard of Oz. Instead of red slippers, you’re delighted to see that she’s wearing:

(a) Ruby red flip-flops

(b) Flaming red rain boots

(c) Crimson Louboutins

(d) Russet red Converse



10. We’re going to end our find your style quiz with a focus on our ideals at District. Which of District’s mission statements do you most identify with?

(a) “AN ARTISTICALLY CREATIVE TERRITORY. We cultivate a vibrant space where clothes are the medium for artistic expression.”

(b) “AN INSPIRER OF STORIES. We encourage our citizens to create trends and start movements.”

(c) “A CLOTHIER FOR THE EVERYDAY. We create well-made fashion basics for versatile style.”

(d) “AN ENTHUSIASTICALLY INCLUSIVE CULTURE. We celebrate fashion for all with casual clothing for every body.”



Find Your Style Quiz Results

If you answered mostly (a), then your signature style is Bohemian.

BohemianBoho-chic is a free-spirited style that evokes 60s folk and hippie lifestyles. Usually incorporating a flowy, loose fitting top or skirt, we know you pair your Bohemian look with kooky and interesting accessories. Who doesn’t love faux fur, huge glasses, bangles on bangles? As a Bohemian girl, you like to wear an accessory, hat, or a jacket because it brings you joy, even if it doesn’t quite match your outfit. You’re all about feeling right, not looking perfect. Your shoes range from shiny flip flops to heel adorned with unconventional materials. Your hair is loose and natural, though perhaps hidden behind a colorful wrap, inspired scarf, or even an elegant headpiece. Your look is slowly evolving to include elements from 1970s fashion, but the laid back appeal stays the same. Regardless, this style is for those who are a bit off the beaten path and want the world to know it. Check out this Boho look from the District store, a flowy, loose Juniors Strappy Dress. It also comes in white, for Bohemian-chic purists.


If you answered mostly (b), then your signature style is Preppy.

PreppyAre you constantly drawn to pearls, headbands, and men in Lacoste polos? Don’t you just love monogrammed purses and wallets? Prep was born out of the New England university scene and has grown ever since. You value looking polished and put together and your pieces will involve plenty of tailoring. You might always show up looking a little overdressed, but your confidence makes it work. A clean-looking pant is just as captivating as a dress and you look forward to spring sundresses all year. You’re generally not afraid of color—just not too much color—with an odd fondness for pastels, nautical themes, and your school’s color scheme. People will envy your hair because it always looks clean, shiny, and deliberate. Accessories are often dressy, but refined and your shoes will be pretty perfunctory, they might even match your bag. Look for classic patterns, clean belts, and stock up on button ups that make you feel composed and powerful. The Ladies Stretch Pique Polo is a perfect, flattering, and preppy option from the District store.


If you answered mostly (c), then your signature style is Chic.

White Sleeve TeeThe French-named chic style is almost a cross between the preppy and Bohemian looks with a little more emphasis on Fashion with a capital F. Like prep lovers, your outfit always looks complete, but, like Boho enthusiasts, you add a few off-kilter, incredibly stylish and personal details to your ensemble. As a chic girl, your eye is drawn to blacks, grays, and navy blues, as well as geometric prints and simple designs. You’re also hyper-aware of what works for your body. You’re most likely to try on too many clothes while shopping to make sure you absolutely love every piece in your collection. You work very hard on your look but you know it’s worth it. People might consider your jewelry or your designer heels to be over the top, but you know they’re really just envious. Take a look at District Made Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Tee. It’s deceptively simple, but truly chic. Clean, crisp, and a perfect pairing to make your accessories, pants, and shoes pop.


If you answered mostly (d), then your signature style is Athletic.

AthleticThis sporty style values comfort above all. However, athletic-wear isn’t necessarily baggy, it’s just as body-conscious and feminine as any other style. With your athletic signature style, you’re just as obsessed with shoes as the chic fashionista, only you prefer to look at cross training shoes, running shoes, or sneakers. You’re not afraid of small jewelry pieces with a lot of pop, though you might find it hard to wear earrings that are bigger than a stud. You’re rarely seen in anything other than pants, though a nice tennis skirt or equally loose bottom might pass the athletic test. Your eye is drawn to stripes, lines, and zig zags. You’ve never met a hoodie you didn’t love and right now half your closet is a color coded hoodie bonanza. You’re not afraid of clothes flirty clothes and bright colors bring you joy. The Ladies Game V-Neck Tee is the perfect example of a sporty style. It reminds you of a classic sports uniform, but with a feminine touch and flattering details.


If you have more than one style warring for the top spot, that’s ok. It just means you need double the closet space…just kidding. The more styles you connect to, the easier it is to express your moods and mix and match your favorite pieces. This find your style quiz, and the whole District mentality, is meant to help you discover the most creative part of yourself and show you how to express it. Don’t let your body issues or self confidence concerns stop you from being true to yourself. Confidence is truly the one thing that’ll make any outfit work for you.

Now that you have the final results of our find your style quiz, you can start exploring the staple pieces that will live in your closet forever. Let us at District give you some starting points to help you build your signature wardrobe.

Cute Summer Clothes for Women

Essential Summer Outfits: Cute Summer Clothes for Women

When you dream about your ideal summer wardrobe, do you think about the fabrics of your clothes, or just the styles? Do you ponder the colors you’ll wear, the fit and flow, and the specific outfits for each summertime activity? If you’ve never given a second thought to these questions, your summer fashion may be in trouble.

If you’re a person who never knows what to wear, or throws on the first thing you see in the morning, I’m here to tell you that looking good and feeling great doesn’t mean agonizing over your outfit. With a few quick tricks and wardrobe hacks, you’ll be prepared to go out this summer in style.

District is here to fill you in on all of our cute summer clothes for women—tons of outfits and individual pieces that are ready to help you impress at a moment’s notice.

Fabric, Fibers, and Flow

eggplant v-neck t-shirt
Every season comes with its own set of fashion rules that help to ensure comfort and style. During the summer, those rules emphasize keeping you cool and stylish. When creating the perfect summer wardrobe, think about your summer outfit staples. It’s the perfect time to play with bright patterns and bold designs.

Having your favorite colorful basics is great, but if your shorts, blouses, and shoes are made of thick, heavy fabrics, you may be in trouble. Consider finding cute summer clothes for women made of natural fibers with flowing lines. Wearing skin tight clothes prevents makes it hard for you to keep cool during the warmest days. Essential summer fabrics include cotton, chambray, rayon, and poly-blends.


With its soft, fluffy fibers, cotton is the ideal fabric for the summer. You can wear it in humid climates or in exceedingly dry heat because this natural fiber allows for breathability. Wearing cotton will definitely help make bearing the heat possible.

The District Made choice to help you beat the summer heat is the Dip Dye Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee, made of 100% spun cotton. It’s an essential piece of cute summer clothes for women because it helps to maximize style and keep you cool in the sun.

Whether you are out at the county fair, hiking your favorite trail, or spending the day at the boardwalk, the Dip Dye Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee is super cute and can be combined with a pair of denim shorts for an irresistible summer outfit. You’ll have eyes trailing you throughout the day, and compliments flying in between sessions of carnival games.  

An important care tip to remember is that cotton tends to shrink in the dryer. After a wash, hang your V-neck tee outside to dry, if possible—this will keep it in ideal condition for considerably longer. Take advantage of the summer sun—it will have your clothes dry in no time!


While chambray is made from the same natural fiber as many cotton clothes, it differs in its weaving style. Though many cotton clothes are knitted, chambray is woven, meaning it looks and feels different. This also creates a higher thread count in the fabric, leading to a more breathable feel. Chambray has a similar look to denim, so you can get the all-American look without being weighed down by heavy jean material. Try the chambray Long Sleeve Wash Woven Shirt for cool summer nights. It’s the perfect addition to your summertime wardrobe, and is sure to keep you looking fresh and cool!


Rayon is a man-made fiber extracted from trees that can mimic the texture of silk, wool, cotton, or linen. Since rayon is not a natural fiber, it is best for dry heat, as it wicks away any moisture. The benefit of choosing rayon is the lightness of the fabric that is perfect for a flowing draped piece. In District’s Ladies Modal Blend Gathered Shoulder Tee, we emphasize great shoulder detail to give this basic tee a distinguished style. It’s perfect for lounging poolside with your girlfriends, shopping at the outdoor market, and nighttime drives through the city.

Blends are fabrics that have been created by using two or more textile fibers. There are blends made specifically for the summer heat, like those in the studded Ladies 60/40 Bling Tee. These fibers are a mixture of poly and cotton, a moisture wicking combination that requires little maintenance and is ideal in humid climates. It can keep you battling the summer heat while looking effortlessly cool.

Any of these fabrics are a great choice for a summer day or night—find them featured in the District and District Made summer collections! Choose your favorite pieces of cute summer clothes for women, and wear them all year if you like!


Hit The Road

Heather Grey Scoopneck T-Shirt
Traveling is another fun aspect of summertime. It seems everyone is on vacation, and looking to explore a new destination. Whether you’re going on a road trip with your friends, or visiting your family in another state, you can typically expect to be on the road for at least a few days at a time. However, since you won’t be able to haul around your entire wardrobe, you’ll have to pack right for the occasion. Keep your wardrobe versatile and accommodating for all kinds of events by creating outfits centered around essential basics, classic pieces, and comfortable athleisure wear.

With enough basic tees and tanks, you’ll be able to make several outfits that are cute and flattering. Choosing grey, white, and other neutral tones ensures that your tops will match anything else you choose to wear. While the Ladies Tri-blend Scoop Neck Tee is a great choice, basics don’t just mean clothes. You should also pack basic shoes, including comfy sandals, athletic shoes, and slippers.

Neutral colors make mixing and matching easy, but you’ll still need more cute summer clothes for women to keep your outfits from getting boring. A little black dress, a sporty tee, and a nautical themed top are essential pieces to pack. Mix in something special when getting dressed each day, whether you choose to add a unique hat or flirty jewelry.
Red shorts
While most of your clothes are chosen for versatility, you still have to pack for comfort. Spending hours in a car or a plane makes comfortable clothing a necessity. Choose easy clothes like board shorts and crop tops to stay cool and flexible.

Using this method, you can create a diverse variety of outfits that will keep you looking both sharp and relaxed. If your trip is longer than a few days, consider adding more tops without adding additional bottoms. That way, you can always have a fresh top ready to go! For even more versatility, consider adding a light summer scarf, a sunhat, and a few accessories that you can fit into your retro backpack.

Looking Fly in the Sky

Heather gray athletic pants
Getting through airport security can be a slow start to an exciting trip ahead. Removing your shoes, emptying your pockets, and taking off bulky outerwear can make a two minute security check turn into a 30 minute acrobatic effort. To avoid security pitfalls, wear closed toe ballet flats, a flowy sundress, and a small carry-on bag. Dressing in preparation for certain events can make travel easier and more enjoyable, all the while making you look effortlessly chic.

At District, we like to travel in comfort, so we wear basics that feel like loungewear. The Core Fleece Pant is our official outfit for comfort. Create a polished look with fashionable flats, a white tee, a jean jacket, and a cute purse. These are all essentials for cute summer clothes for women!

If you find yourself under-dressed and cold in the air conditioned lobby of the airport or in the plane, layering is an easy solution to keep you comfy. Top a simple tee with the ¾ sleeve Microburn V-Neck Raglan Tee. It’s perfect for putting on when you need a little warmth, and can complement the travel-ready outfit you already have on.

Don’t let summer travel intimidate you from being fashionable. With basics, athletic wear, and other cute summer clothes for women, you’ll be prepared for any summer activity, no matter where you are!

Summertime Fun!

Aquamarine Strapless Dress
Summertime means camping, swimming, picnicking, visiting the beach, and so much more. Since each day is full of fun activities, you’ll need the right outfits to transition from one occasion to the next.

Our favorite outfit is perfect for outdoor gatherings and rollercoasters. The District Junior Strappy Dress can keep you comfy and cool, while a cute pair of white tennis shoes will support your feet through the entire day.

Kelly green distressed cap
Other summer basics that can be worn all day long include the Reverse Striped Scrunched Back Tank, a shirt covered in colorful bars that can be worn with shorts for action-packed days or elevated with a skirt for an evening look. You can also wear a looped back tank for simplicity and style. Wear this top with a colorful, patterned maxi skirt and you’ll feel elegant and breezy!

When it’s time for camping, functionality should always be a priority. Remember to pack double pocket polos, hats, and jeans to protect your skin from bug bites, sharp shrubs, and the sun. Depending on your camping location, you may also need to pack thermal tops and leggings for cool mornings.

Summer Smarts

While many might think that summer fashion is all about bold and colorful clothes, at District, we know that it’s really about mixing and matching basics and leisurewear to keep the summer heat from bringing you down. Avoid heavy accessories, lined clothing, and dark colors to ensure that your summer is light and fun.

Accessories, especially large beads, studs, and metal embellishments, weigh down your clothes and trap the heat inside. Added decorations also create another layer between your skin and the cool summer breeze. Although it might seem like a good idea to wear a bedazzled shirt in the sun, you wouldn’t want beads of sweat glistening as well!

Lined clothing—from bras to jackets—can be too structured for the summer. Extra padding, lining, and embroidery can make you sweat even more! Choose a lacy bralette to feel cool, or natural fiber crop tops that welcome generous breathability. These are both cute summer clothes for women that can complement your flirty and fun outfit.

Crossbody messenger bag
When you’re not traveling, avoid carrying around a backpack. It not only keeps your back from airing out, it causes you to sweat more and feel less comfortable. Instead, a crossbody messenger bag or purse will help you carry just the basics, avoiding extra exertion.

Most people know that light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it. Yet when it comes to summer, people are swept away by bold colors and patterns. The best colors for the heat are grey, pastels, and white. Avoid navy, indigo, and black during the summer season.

When creating your wardrobe, keep these summer smarts in mind for a cool and chic vacation season!

Time to Go


Whatever your summer style, certain basics are essential for cute summer clothes for women. No matter which activities you have planned, travel and enjoy in comfort and style. Ensure your wardrobe is colorful, versatile, and relaxed with basic tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories from District.

5 Wardrobe Must Haves for the Spring

You woke up the morning of the vernal equinox (it’s a thing) and you’re proud of yourself for surviving the winter. It’s now spring: flowers are blooming, animals are waking up from a long hibernation, and we stylish types start shedding our winter coats. Now we just need some fashion inspiration to march into spring with confidence and verve. The team here at District understands which spring wardrobe essentials will get you out of your shell this season.

While reading, keep in mind the District mentality when it comes to fashion. We believe clothes should be freeing, effortless, and vibrant. We love merging trends with what we consider to be staple pieces like skinny jeans and hoodies. Now that you know a little about our carefree beliefs on style, here are our 5, must-have, spring wardrobe essentials:

1. A Lightweight Hoodie

Lightweight hoodiesSounds silly to say, but spring’s not summer and that means it’s the perfect time to buy a new hoodie, especially if you wore yours non-stop during the winter. Now that the days will finally be warm you can wear tank tops and t-shirts, but because the nights will still be chilly, you’ll need to have a long sleeve on hand. Hoodies are great because they let you add easy, light layers. This makes them true spring wardrobe essentials. This Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie, for example, makes it cool to stay warm.

Available in white, black, dark heather grey, and dark fuchsia heather, this hoodie gives you plenty of options for how to easily bundle up for a chilly evening. We’re partial to the fuchsia pictured here because we believe spring wardrobe essentials should have a little color. If fuchsia or pink aren’t your style, you can rock a white hoodie, which has a neutral tone, but adds plenty of brightness to an ensemble.

Little details like dyed-to-match drawstrings and cute pockets make this hoodie more than a basic jacket. Best of all, it’s light enough to keep in a bag or purse for when you need it most. This jersey, full-zip hoodie also makes a great jogging or post workout look. Spring is the time to start getting active. Consider the black or dark grey options as best bets for working out.

2. A Loose Tank Top

A loose tank topYou’ve got your hoodie for night time—check. Now you need something to wear underneath. Consider a loose-fitting tank top. It’s very versatile, can be worn above or below clothes, and helps you escape your winter funk by exposing your skin to the sun. Nothing makes you feel better than a strong dose of vitamin D.

Nice, solid tank tops will always be spring wardrobe essentials. They’re comfortable, yet fashionable and form-flattering for most body types.

Our Juniors Festival Tank stands out amongst spring wardrobe essentials for their inspired colors (mint, true violet, deep royal, dark fuchsia) and basics (black, white, charcoal). Made of cotton with a tear-away tag, this relaxed fit tank is as incredibly comfortable to wear as it looks.

As the V.I.T. Festival Tank’s name implies, spring also brings us outdoor concerts. A tank top lets you stay cool and mobile when surrounded by hundreds of inebriated music fans. Plus, the longer length and scalloped hem adds a subtle feminine touch, difficult to find when it comes to great casual wear and athleisure.

3. A Raglan Tee

A raglan teeSometimes classics are the most important spring wardrobe essentials. Whether it reminds you of your days playing JV sports, buying your favorite band’s merch, or the most flattering boyfriend tee around, a comfortable raglan tee reminds us of the smell of grass and the feel of wind flowing through our hair.

Our twist on this style is the relaxed fit Microburn Long Sleeve Raglan Tee. A tiny keyhole in the back makes this tee a feminine piece, showing a hint of skin and making the cotton microburn material feel even cooler. It’s comfortable and flattering due to the unique raglan cut. We make sure the sleeves hang off your arms and get tighter near the wrist for a slim, complimentary look.

Not to bore you by telling you once again how much we LOVE color, but even the top fashionistas among us tend to forget that spring is about color. Let go of the dreary drabness of winter and remember that bright colors are a key part of spring wardrobe essentials. We’ve got seven stunning color combinations that bring a dazzling touch to your closet and help you brighten your basics. We love the bold orange and black pictured above. Orange is one of this season’s hottest colors and it’s nice to wear it without immediately thinking of Halloween.

4. A Worn-In Tee

The epitome of casual style is rocking a comfortable, nearly worn down to the threads t-shirt that looks like it’s been in your closet since middle school. Think of a starlet wearing a faded, soft, thin-fabric t-shirt under a leather jacket if you’re not sure what we mean. If you don’t have a supply of worn-in, nearly worn out t-shirts, then pick up something slightly distressed and add it to your spring wardrobe essentials.

A worn-in teeFrom the District collection, we recommend our Ladies Game V-Neck Tee. A crossover v-neck with distressed printed stripes on the sleeves reminds us of fashion eras past without looking outdated. Avoiding an old fashioned look is easy—especially with our favorite heathered true royal and charcoal color combination. We use clean lines and color blocking to add vibrancy and modernity to a vintage look.

Perhaps the best part of this v-neck is how comfortable it makes most women feel. A just deep-enough v-neck and a loose, short sleeve are pretty universally complementary to any woman’s body type. The confidence and ease that comes from a comfortable, worn-in t-shirt lets us District citizens live in the moment and interact with the world with self-confidence.

5. A Form-Fitting Tank Top

A form fitting tank topLast but not least, your spring wardrobe essentials will need a little help from their friends. What we mean is that a form-fitting tank top can support your other essentials. Having these tanks on hand, in many colors and styles, lets you make creative new combinations through layering.

Take this District Ladies Mini Rib Racerback Tank in classic red. It’s a perfect pair with a V.I.T. Festival Tank in black, letting a hint of color peek through the laid-back look and exaggerated open sleeves. Put it on underneath a cardigan to dress it up or wear it underneath a pullover hoodie in case you get too hot. We know for a fact that you’ll be using this comfortable, form-fitting tank top a lot this spring.

The Mini Rib style also features one of our favorite designs: a racerback. We can’t recommend it enough as part of your spring wardrobe essentials. If you hate the look of a visible bra or if you’re not always confident showing your upper back, a racerback tank provides the coverage you’re looking for. Upper back coverage provides confidence when you wear this as your main piece and comfort as a layer beneath a loose shirt. Even better, it’s made of cotton, always be soft and gentle on your skin.

What Else?

These five items should give you a strong head start moving into the spring. You probably have what you need to complement these spring wardrobe essentials, but we’ll give you some more suggestions just in case. Add a pair of skinny jeans, a light down or jean vest, and a hat that you absolutely adore to extend the life of your spring essentials and give you new and original ways to wear each item. A classic pair of simple sunglasses, a busy black and white patterned short, and a bright, geometric necklace can also be added to your wardrobe for when you want something that pops. Mix and match these with our athleisure shirts and tops for a never ending array of spring outfits.

If you’re looking for trends in head wear, you can look forward to an interesting year. Accessories that we at District love, include fashion forward visors and a fresh take on the classic baseball cap. The Pantone color of the year, soft Rose Quartz and cool Serenity, are perfect spring colors to add to your wardrobe as well.

District wants you to keep it vibrant and bold this spring. Make our pieces yours by infusing them with your sense of style. We don’t always believe that an outfit needs a busy print or logo to be fashionable. In the District clothing store, we love offering bright clothes so you can have fun with fashion. No matter your choice, your spring wardrobe essentials from District are made with high quality materials designed to last all year and stay boldly colorful for many seasons.

Top 5 Date Outfits

Best Date Night Outfits

You’ve finally got a date. He’s cute, smart, funny, and he seems really interested in you. But now, it’s date day and you’re freaking out about what to wear. You’re wishing that you had been born 100 years ago when fashion was boring and it wasn’t difficult to decide on an outfit.

If you thought it would be easier dress for a date in the 1916, you would be surprised. While the dating scene and its rituals have changed over the years, fashion has always held center stage.

Your everyday clothing is an important topic, but there are few times when you care more about what you’re wearing as you do when getting ready for a date. Doesn’t matter where your date is taking you, for women, t-shirts, tanks, and other great basics from District make the perfect building blocks for a stunning date night look. To help you figure out what to wear tonight, let’s learn from old-school daters how they decided on their date night outfits.

Dating is a very personal process. People decide what level of commitment they’re looking for in a relationship and, with a bunch of new, modern ways to define your relationship comes a wide variety of date outfits to match. These days, for women, t-shirts and jeans are just as viable a date outfit as a nice dress – depending on the date, of course.

Racerback Dress

1st Date

A typical first date today often means grabbing a drink at a wine bar or nice restaurant. The atmosphere is romantic, flirty, and all about making a great first impression over the latest mixed drink. What you wear matters because it sets the tone. It tells your date what he can expect from you and shows your personality. You want to look nice, but feel comfortable, too.

Just wearing super casual clothes for a first date, like for  women, t-shirts and daisy dukes, might send the wrong message. Your date may think you’re not interested or that you’re not willing to put in some effort, so we recommend dressing up for the occasion in a classic little black dress. Don’t go overboard though: stick to ballet flats, booties, or low heels to keep it dressy and low-key. Whether you met on a dating app or through mutual friends, the focus of this date should be getting to know each other.

George Armstrong Custer

While you might be freaking out about your first date, remember that back in the day, people didn’t “date,” they “courted.” The first date was already time to decide whether a man and woman would be ready for marriage. What men and women wore on their first date back then, made an important first impression. The wrong outfit on a first date meant more than a bad first date, it could mean zero chance of marriage!

Women’s Mini Racerback Tank

2nd Date

Today, when you head to the movies on a second date, it’s fine to dress down a bit. If you’re still trying to impress, one of the best—and easiest—movie date outfits is a simple combination of your favorite jeans with a cute top. For women, t-shirts, especially those with a flattering, embellished cut can be a great look for a low key second date night.

If you want to be a little dressier, but still relaxed in your theater seat, go for a racerback tank with a simple mini-skirt and low boots. Your family might try and butt in to tell you what to wear, but you don’t have to worry about what they think; because they’re not coming on the date with you!

These days, we’re lucky that your mom isn’t coming on the date. During the 1910s, dates usually took place at home with the entire family. It wasn’t only a young woman or man who needed to think about their date outfit—the entire family did. Imagine the stress involved when four or more people needed to look presentable! For women, t-shirts and other casual clothes we might wear today were definitely unacceptable attire. Instead, women wore conservative long dresses, while men dressed in suits and ties.

Alice Joyce

3rd Date

Girls In Sundresses

When it’s time for you to head out for a daytime date, whether it’s to grab coffee or for a stroll in the park, you want to pull together an ensemble that’s flirty, feminine, and fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a relaxed look that shows off your personality. A flowy sundress is always a top-notch, daytime date choice, showcasing a flirtatious mood. If you’re more comfortable in pants, a pair of a capris and a nice blouse create a polished, easy-going look.

No matter which look you choose, be sure to pair it with your favorite sandals and a bright pedicure. A daytime date might be a quick lunch or it might evolve into a longer, spontaneous adventure. Set the tone with an outfit that shows you’re ready for anything.

Women During WWII

4th Date

Today, activity dates are extremely popular. While in the 1940s an activity date might have been a day at the malt shop, make-out hill, or a picnic at the park, these days it’s safe to bet you’re more likely going hiking or to the beach. When prepping for a date like this, it’s important to select an outfit that shows you’re ready for adventure.

Green Distressed Hat

An athleisure outfit will flatter your figure and feel good, while providing the perfect clothing for exploring nature, playing sports, or relaxing in the sunshine.

Of course, when it comes to outdoor looks for women, t-shirts, tanks, and other great basics from District are a good idea. In addition to clothing, we’ve got all the outdoor accessories you need. Whether it’s a cute hat to protect your skin from the sun or a backpack to hold all the water bottles and granola bars you need to fuel a long afternoon on the trail, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Womens 1960 Fashion

5th Date

The dating revolution in the 60s brings to mind a current trend: an at home date with Netflix. It has changed the dating scene and brought date night back to the home. When you’re staying in, it’s important to find a look that strikes exactly the right balance between casual and romantic. To keep things flirty, but not overly suggestive, start with basics. Layer your outfit over your favorite pair of leggings and a soft v-neck. We also love leggings with a cute, flowy tunic.

As you get ready for your relaxed night in, you’ll want your beauty look to be as effortlessly sexy as your outfit. Simple makeup, featuring lightly tinted moisturizer, nude lip, and a sexy eye created with a brown eyeshadow stick and mascara works perfectly. Wear your hair loose and wavy or put it up in a chic, simple topknot. Overall, keep it simple with comfortable clothing.

Final Tips

There are as many ways to approach dating as there are outfits to wear on a date. Whether you’re staying in and relaxing, hitting up the hiking trail, or heading out for a fancy dinner, there’s always an outfit that suits the occasion. The flexible styles District carries for women will fit any kind of date, so you can worry less about your date night look and focus more on being yourself.

Here, you’ll find everything to need to create a stunning date look. Our incredibly versatile basics make for great layering. There’s always something in our collection perfect for stylish women. T-shirts, tanks, and sundresses from District will enhance your look effortlessly, and we even have great accessories like hats and backpacks to keep you looking great on an adventure or activity date.

Best of all, District’s great date night clothes aren’t just for women; t-shirts, casual tops, and hoodies for men are all available for their date nights too. Shop at our online store today to get ready for your next night of romance.

Mix and Match

Mens Striped Crewneck Tee

Some of us have that one item in our closet we’re always ready to pull out, no matter the occasion. It’s comfortable, flattering, and appropriate for casual and formal functions. For women, it might be a favorite LBD, while for men, t-shirts often fill this role. If you’re one of these people, you’ll start to notice it with every photo you’re tagged in, and your whole social life will start looking like one long night. If you wear the same outfit all the time, your look can start to feel uninspired as well. When you find yourself bored with your outfits, it’s time to learn how to mix and match.

Mens Maroon Tshirt

Learn to Mix and Match

If you know how to mix and match well, you can create an endless variety of looks using the same key pieces in different combinations. This technique allows you to avoid wardrobe woes, while still letting you frequently reuse the wardrobe go-tos that you depend upon most often. The trick is learning how to make different pieces in your wardrobe work together. For women, this means playing with neutral and bold pieces to create different eye-catching combinations. For men, t-shirts can go from grunge to glam by creatively combining colors, textures, and styles.

Whether your style is timeless or trendy, you can give your look an instant makeover by learning to mix and match your clothes in unexpected and exciting new ways. For women and men, t-shirts and other high-quality basics from District are a must when it comes to tapping into your closet’s full potential.

Color Wheel Palette

Choosing Colors

The first thing you need to consider when learning to mix and match is how to use color. There are a number of different strategies for pairing various wardrobe items based on their respective colors, all of which are based on the natural progression of color:

  • Monochromatic: A monochromatic color scheme uses different shades of the same color. Blend light and dark versions of the same hue to draw attention in different directions.
  • Complementary: Opposite colors are considered complementary. The bold visual contrast between opposing colors makes them stand out more, enhancing the qualities that make each beautiful. Consider how red pairs with green or how blue looks with orange.
  • Analogous: Color families that contain similarly warm or cool colors, but are different shades—like red, orange, and yellow, or purple, blue, and teal—flow together naturally.
  • Split Complementary: A split complementary palette uses two colors that are analogous with a splash of one opposing complementary color, creating an unexpected and unique mix of colors. Think of the eye-popping combination of red, orange, and blue.

The color wheel is a great resource for figuring out which colors are complementary. Each color’s complementary shade is placed directly across on the wheel, while its analogous shades are on either side of it. For women and men, t-shirts in a variety of different neutral and bright hues are needed to ensure that you always have the right color for the different monochromatic or complementary looks you desire.

Fashion Model Tshirt

Key Types of Pieces

For both women and men, t-shirts are just the beginning when it comes to effectively mixing and matching your wardrobe. As you practice your matching skills, stay aware of the three key types of pieces involved in any outfit: base, accent, and pop pieces.

Base Pieces

Base pieces are the foundation upon which to build your outfit. A base piece might be a suit, a simple dress, or a basic top. For women and men, t-shirts are an ideal base piece. They tend to be a solid color—often a neutral hue—although you can certainly create a base with more vibrant colors as well. Base pieces are usually timeless classics as opposed to trendy pieces.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces tend to be colored or patterned articles of clothing that add interesting shapes and silhouettes to simple base pieces. Blouses, cardigans, and jackets are the most common accent pieces. Unlike base pieces, you’re more likely to want to swap out your accent pieces as seasons and trends change.

Pop Pieces

Pop pieces, as the name suggests, add a “pop” of visual intrigue to an outfit, helping put the finishing touches on your ensemble. Pop pieces tend to be accessories, such as shoes, scarves, jewelry, and belts. These pieces can come in intriguing colors or more neutral shades. What’s most important though, is that they ultimately add polish to your outfit. Gold and silver are great colors for pop pieces because they match nearly everything.

To create as many different looks as possible with the fewest pieces, you’ll want your closet to contain a mixture of base, accent, and “pop” pieces. For women and men, t-shirts are an absolute essential, as are quality blazers and sweaters, comfortable sweatshirts, and shoes in neutral colors.

New Ways to Mix Up Basics

It’s also important to think about different ways to use your favorite pieces. For both women and men, t-shirts are some of the most flexible items in your closet, but there are lots of ways to creatively style other pieces as well. Here are a few imaginative tips for livening up your look.

Mens Royal Blue Tee

Tip #1: Mix Prints by Adding Basics

One of the most daring ways to mix and match is to throw together outfits that feature more than one print. Wearing a basic top—for men, t-shirts or tanks are a great choice—allows you to mix the prints of your pants and jacket, creating a truly bold look. Your look works better with a neutral piece because it’s easier to mix prints if they’re separated by a solid color.

Prints also work better together if the colors work alongside each other, so don’t forget the tips and tricks for matching and complementing colors! Keep in mind that simpler prints are easier to mix and match than complicated ones. If you’ve got an elaborate graphic you want to flaunt, make sure the other print is relatively basic, like stripes or polka dots.

Womens Raglan Tee

Tip #2: Wear It to the Gym (or Don’t)

Even if you’re not headed to the gym, athletic wear is comfortable and fun. The “athleisure” look has become more popular in recent years, and has a variety of appropriate occasions, from work to a night on the town. Wearing an athletic top with nice boots and a blazer elevates it and creates a work-friendly outfit. With black leggings, boots, and jewelry, a simple raglan long sleeve looks chic enough to wear on a girls’ night out. For men, t-shirts help you look the part at the gym, but they can also be dressed up with dark jeans and a sports coat for a night on the town.

The effortless style of the athleisure look has become the benchmark for casual everyday wear. Of course, you’ll get bonus points if you actually end up doing some cardio or weights—District clothes are designed to be comfortable and work-out friendly.

Womens Washed Chambray Shirt

Tip #3: Play Hide and Seek

One of the best ways to get a variety of looks out of a single piece is to play with layering. You can take your favorite basic top and layer it under or over a wide variety of other clothing items. For women and men, t-shirts or tanks that are brightly colored, for instance, look great under a cutout top or loose knit sweatshirt. You can also try a slim button-down, with a washed woven texture, under a chunky cropped sweater. Try wearing a loose tank over a brightly colored sports bra for a cheeky daytime look, or over a turtleneck for a retro vibe that’s perfect for a casual day at the office. Alternatively, wearing a casual sweatshirt or button-down over a more formal dress or slip brings down a formal look for everyday wearability.

Womens Purple Scarf

To keep a layered look flattering rather than bulky, make sure to wear tighter-fitting layers and use a variety of different fabrics and textures to keep the entire outfit from looking heavy. For men, t-shirts make great base layers under coats, sweaters, and cardigans. Of course, you can also always finish any layered look with the ultimate layering accessory—a scarf. For women and men, plain t-shirts, tanks, and other basic apparel will instantly look dressier once you throw a polished scarf over them.

Tip #4: Get All Over with Overalls

Overalls have been making a fashion comeback lately and the trend is a great way to put a creative spin on your layering basics. A long-sleeved raglan under overalls makes a classic, casual look, but don’t be afraid to get original with this classic. An option for making any overall outfit more elegant, is adding jewelry and heels. You may also choose to match your favorite overalls with boots and a blazer for a work-appropriate look. You can find overalls in a variety of bold colors and cuts, including trendy neons, and overalls that are styled like shorts and dresses.

Tip #5: Add A Skirt

Our favorite casual outfits often feature jeans, shorts, or leggings, but if you take the same top you’d wear with pants and pair it with a skirt, you’ve got a whole new look. The same top can go with a variety of skirt styles to create a number of different looks. A top that looks ultra-classy and professional when paired with a pencil skirt may give off a bohemian vibe if you wear it over a flowing maxi skirt. You can even dress up by wearing a vintage A-line skirt, or dress down with a denim mini. If you’re a fan of bold style, try pairing a neutral t-shirt with a skirt featuring a wild pattern.

Whatever the go-to item in your wardrobe, spicing up an old favorite can be a breeze if you follow these tips. If your article of choice is a basic piece, it’s easy to mix it up by combining it with bright, bold colors, prints, and accessories. If your favorite clothing item is more of a “pop” or accent piece, District is the perfect place to find versatile basics that allow you to integrate the piece into more outfits. In general, if you’re interested in sprucing up your wardrobe with mix and match styles for women and men, t-shirts and other basics from District are just what your closet needs. Shop District today to start shaking up your look!

Post-Graduation Party Outfits

The Graduation Aura

Final exams, yearbooks, caps, gowns, and family photos are all indications of the upcoming graduation season. At this time of year, feelings of bittersweet endings emerge as graduates nervously plan for the next stages of their lives.

Regardless of the level of education, graduation from high school, college, or graduate school is a highly valued step towards a promising future. Because of its importance as a significant milestone in any student’s life, graduations deserve exciting celebrations with loved ones.

Stylistic Choices

Whether you’re a graduate or you’re celebrating the graduation of a friend, you’ll need an assortment of outfits to wear to the parties, dinners, and ceremonies that are common at the end of the academic year. Since you’ll likely be invited to quite a few of parites, it is helpful to consider the number of outfit choices to be made.

While caps and gowns are the most important part of graduate attire, you’ll still need to choose a formal outfit to wear underneath. Furthermore, events that require formal dress usually follow the official graduation ceremony and require some shopping and consideration as well. If you’re having some trouble choosing an appropriate and fitting outfit for any of these events, District can help you figure out what to wear to a graduation party.

Distinct, Diverse, and Decorative

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsTo avoid a looking boring and bland, it is important to choose different outfits that cover a wide array of different styles. For the ceremony itself, it may be a good idea to pair the traditional graduation attire with a relatively formal dress or a pair of slacks with a button-down shirt.

As the outfit you wear with your cap and gown is the one that will be stamped in everyone’s photos as you walk across the stage, its importance cannot be understated. Be sure that your clothing exhibits a relatively neutral style that won’t clash with the school colors on your graduation regalia.

In addition, invest in high quality and upscale shoes, rather than sneakers or casual sandals. If you purchase a new pair of shoes for the occasion, try them on to ensure they’re comfortable and fit well—you wouldn’t want to trip while receiving your diploma!

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsFor the celebrations following the official ceremony, you may want to change into something more fun and casual. When choosing what to wear to a graduation party, figure out the acceptable attire for each of your events and choose something appropriate for each occasion.

What to Wear to a Graduation Party at the Beach

If you live in a hot climate with lots of sun and sand leading up to the summer season, you may be invited to outdoor graduation parties that call for beach attire. While it may seem difficult to maintain a formal style of attire at a generally informal venue, there are a number of different staples that can be added to your outfit to dress up a casual outfit. As to what to wear to a graduation party at the beach, you’ll want to go for a relaxed and formal look that embraces the outdoor vibe.

Beach parties typically start during the daytime and proceed into the nighttime. As the climate is chillier by the water, think about bringing a light sweater or consider different ways to adjust your outfit to keep you comfortable and warm.

A daytime beach graduation party will be warm and relaxed, so it’s usually appropriate to dress in shorts and a t-shirt or a casual dress. It’s easy to create a simple and fun look that will allow you to take full advantage of the sunny weather.

Ocean Appropriate Attire

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsIf you’re one to jump in the ocean to cool off, you may want to wear a bathing suit with a cute swim cover-up on top. This look is great for a beach party because the quickly-drying fabric blend allows you to enjoy the water while still being optimal for dressing up or down to conform to the attire of the event.

Dress Up or Dress Down

A versatile cover-up, worn to the beach, can still be tailored for elegance and grace. While heels and a belt make your cover-up appear more dressy, for example, sandals and a hat speak to a more casual look—District’s distressed cap has the added value of providing protection from the sun. Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses to boost your style while shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays.

When your beach graduation party transitions into night, a beach bonfire is a popular way party goers like to compensate for the cooling weather. To transition your daytime beach look into the evening, it’s easy to layer up with a warm cardigan.

Cardigans are generally lightweight and can easily be carried around throughout the day. If you tend to purchase exclusively bright-colored or patterned garments, shop around for sweaters that will match with more of your outfits. To maintain a consistent look, choose a neutral color that will match the other colors you decide to wear.

What to Wear to a Graduation Garden Party

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsAn afternoon garden party is another classic way to celebrate the graduation milestone. With a preppy and classy aesthetic, a garden party sets a tone befitting growing up and still leaves plenty of room to be tailored according to different personalities. Garden parties are neither exclusively fancy nor casual, and can vary depending on the host’s preferences.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a garden party, it’s easy to decide what to wear to a graduation party like this one. To fit the theme, floral prints are always a stylish and popular choice. A dressy, floral-printed sundress with nice flats and pearls is a particularly beautiful garden party look.

Garden Party Basics

You could also embrace a bright, preppy look and wear colorful basics with timeless style. For example, pair a brightly colored District polo shirt with your favorite flirty skirt to create the base of your garden party outfit. From there, accessorize and style to create a look that can be more or less formal depending on the event.

For a dressier look, add a blazer and a pair of heels or wedges. At outdoor parties, wedges are often preferable to other types of heels because they won’t sink into a grassy area. To look a bit more casual, wear your outfit with an elegant pair of ballet flats.

Whether casual or fancy, this basic ensemble looks great with a wide variety of jewelry to keep you comfortable and fashionable throughout the duration of the celebration.

What to Wear to a Graduation Barbecue

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsCelebrating a graduation tends to be a multi-generational affair that includes grandparents, siblings, and cousins. No type of party is more enjoyable and suitable for the whole family than a barbecue. With delicious food, cool drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s easy to entertain all of your friends and loved ones in commemoration of your special occasion. When you’re choosing what to wear to a graduation party barbecue, you should prioritize creating a cute look of casual comfort.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsRecently, crop tops have become a casual dress staple. Crop tops are versatile and are an ideal starting point for a graduation barbecue outfit. When you’re deciding what to wear to a graduation party barbecue, start with the on-trend look of a District crop top that allows you to complete an outfit in a variety of different ways.

You can pick a crop top that’s brightly colored, giving your look an eye-catching pop, or one that’s more neutral, giving you the chance to accessorize colorfully and creatively. Crop tops look just as great with jeans or shorts as they do with a cute mini or more elegant maxi skirt, so you can easily express your personal style.

Easily Adaptable Clothing Staples

As with a beach party, you’ll want to consider the possibility of shifting climates as the day of your graduation barbecue goes along—versatile pieces like a washed woven long-sleeved shirt are a great choice here. This type of lightweight button-down adds just enough warmth for a late-spring evening and easily pairs with denim for a simple look.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsMoreover, regardless of what you choose to wear to your barbecue, a long sleeve, button up shirt like this can be effortlessly thrown on over almost anything! From your favorite crop top to a summery sundress, it adds an extra layer as the evening sets in. When you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a graduation party, try to find versatile pieces that can help you create a variety of different looks for different graduation parties.

What to Wear to a Family Graduation Dinner

In addition to big graduation parties with all of our friends, most graduates also enjoy a smaller, more intimate graduation celebration with immediate family members, typically over dinner. Like the graduation ceremony itself, a family graduation dinner tends to be a little more formal. While you want to stay comfortable, you may also want to choose a dressier look, such as an elegant, classic dress with heels and jewelry. You can add a layer by wearing a cardigan or blazer on top.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsSince most graduations occur at the same time of the year, you may find that you’ll be invited to multiple events on the same night. If you’re headed out to a party with friends following a fancier family event, whether it’s a beach bonfire or a house party, you can easily transition a plain solid colored dress into a party dress after your formal family dinner. To adapt to the event that follows, change your shoes and replace your blazer or cardigan with a more casual denim jacket or button-down.

Hosting a Graduation Party

With so many different types of outfits to choose from, depending on the type of graduation event, the dress requirements might be confusing to many of your guests. If you’re the host of a graduation event, be sure to never leave your guests unsure of what to wear.

Post-Graduation Party OutfitsBe specific about the type of event you’ll be throwing and give some ideas as Be specific about the type of event you’ll be throwing and give some ideas as to the expectation of dress in the invitations you send out for your graduation party. That way, your friends and family won’t have to spend too much time and energy deciding what to wear to a graduation party. Instead, let them exert that energy towards celebrating all of your impressive accomplishments!

Tailored to All of Your Needs

If you’re wondering what to wear to a graduation party, look no further than the versatile basics you’ll be sure to find in District’s online store. Our selection of closet essentials will keep you looking stylish and contemporary throughout the array of dinners, parties, and events of the graduation season. As you head off towards your next milestone, like college or your first job, District essentials will promise to always keep you dressed comfortably and fashionably. Shop today to find a style that will cover you at graduation and beyond!