The Benefits of a Blank Shirt In Your Wardrobe

Trendy styles are more available than ever before. With all the noise going on in fashion today, it can be difficult to get back to the basics. If you think a blank shirt in your wardrobe is plain, think again! Plain tees can be a great addition to any outfit and the perfect starting point for any style. For more specific ways a blank tee can be an asset to your closet, take a look at the list of benefits below!


There are some clothing items that you can only wear one or two ways. It can be hard to dress down a formal dress and hard to dress up sweatpants. T shirts are the great equalizers of fashion. They can be worn with shorts and sneakers for a perfect jogging outfit or with a structured blazer and heels for a night on the town. The possibilities are endless! Play with different items you already have in your closet, along with your favorite blank shirt to create all kinds of new looks.


A plain tee is the perfect canvas to create and design your very own unique piece. Whether you come across the perfect DIY project on Pinterest or want to support your favorite team or cause, there are tons of great ways you can create your own masterpiece out of a simple t shirt. District tees are especially perfect for customizing!

Pairing with Patterns

One of the oldest rules of fashion is to never mix patterns. We know that rule has since faded away, with new print-mixing trends popping up every season. But it’s useful rule of thumb to create a put together look that isn’t too busy. Using blank shirts to pair with patterned items such as sweaters, jackets, pants, or skirts is a great way to create a complete look. This is also the perfect time to add on your favorite accessories!

More Than One Favorite Shirt

If your favorite shirt has a very specific style or look, there may only be a few times you can wear it. When it comes to plain tees however, you can have as many of your favorites as you want! Especially at District® Clothing, many of our tees, such as the Ladies Perfect Blend® Tees, come in a variety of colors and styles so you can wear your favorite blank shirt over and over again with many different outfits, all year round!

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