Be The Best Interviewee You Can Be!

So you’ve gone through the application process and that dream job has called you in to meet for an interview. Whether you’ve been on dozens or it’s your very first time, it’s always good to keep in mind the basics for nailing your interview and landing that gig! Read on for some great tips to be the best interviewee you can be!

Be Prepared!

We learn at a young age the importance of preparedness. Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain, don’t forget your books and homework, and so on. This is especially important when it comes to a job interview.

Know the company

You should know a little about the place you are interviewing with before you go in. Chances are, your interviewer will tell you more of the ins and outs, but it will look good to have some basic knowledge coming into your interview.

Bring copies of your resume

This is especially important if anything has changed since you first sent it in with your application!

Go over common questions

Do a quick online search of common interview questions and have some of those answers prepared.

Look The Part

This is our favorite topic! It is imperative that you dress to impress. While you might think that a suit is required, dress for the job itself. If you’re interviewing for a summer job, say at a local ice cream shop or pool, a nice pair of khakis and a selection of polo t shirts, like one of District’s® Mens and Ladies Stretch Pique Polo t shirts. However, for a more professional position like an office job, guys might opt for a suit and tie with dress shoes, and girls might favor a pant or skirt suit with a collared dress shirt and heels. However, tossing in some of your individuality to your outfit will also show your interviewer who you are!

Follow Up

The interview, in your opinion, was a success! You were totally prepared and you dressed your best. As you leave your interview, don’t forget to give everyone you met a good solid handshake. Look them in the eyes when you say your goodbyes and be sure to express how thankful and gracious you are that they took time to meet with you. Now it’s time to follow up. In most cases, a simple Thank You email the day after your interview will do. But if you really want to go above and beyond, mailing a letter to the company and your interviewer will show real initiative and will surely make you stand out among any other prospects they may have met with.

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