The Best Sweatshirts for Fashion-Forward Looks

When you think of a sweatshirt, what comes to mind? Working out? Lounging around? Think again! Hoodies and pullover sweatshirts certainly have their place among the top fashion trends. No longer merely categorized as activewear or loungewear, sweatshirts are fun and easy to wear basics that can go with just about any kind of style, from clean cut to carefree cool.

So how do you create fashion-forward looks with sweatshirts? It’s easier than you think with quality District® Clothing sweatshirts! We have the best sweatshirts for all sorts of on-trend looks for both guys and girls.

Take a look at a few popular style trends and how you can incorporate your favorite hoodie or sweatshirt to create comfortable, fashionable outfits.

Preppy Cool

Layering a collared shirt under a pullover sweater is nothing new. However, layering a plaid or other patterned collared shirt under District’s® men’s and women’s The Concert Fleece™ Crew are the best sweatshirts for adding a touch of casual cool to this traditionally preppy look. Wear this look with any style of jeans that you like or for something a little nicer, a pair of khakis or ankle pants. Another variation of this outfit can include playing with your accessories and footwear—think sneakers vs. dress shoes!

best sweatshirtsbest sweatshirts

Laid Back Edgy

Do you ever see someone wearing an outfit that looks like they are trying too hard and put way too much work into it? At District® Clothing, we believe in creating unique and stylish looks with easy to wear fashion basics. Don’t think that basic means boring! We love adding edge to our pieces, and our pullover Concert Fleece™ Hoodies are the best sweatshirts for wearing under military or leather jackets. Go a step further and throw in some studs, camo, or combat boots for a tough look that is easy to pull off!

hoodie sweatshirtshoodie sweatshirts

Super Layers

We love layers! Whether you layer for comfort, climate, or style, it’s a great way to add style to any look by using simple, easy basics. Anyone can wear a t-shirt under a hoodie, but we’re taking it one step further with this fashion-forward look. Perhaps reserved for colder (or unpredictable) weather, this outfit involves layering one of our best sweatshirts, the Core Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie with a tee or other shirt, blazer, and coat along with a scarf or other accessory for an awesomely all-inclusive look.

zip hoodiezip hoodie

Create your own fashion forward looks with hoodies, sweatshirts, and other quality fashion basics and more from District® Clothing!