The Best T-Shirt Options for a Casual Workplace

No matter what line of work you are in, odds are you will have to follow some kind of dress code, whether it’s a strict uniform or a more laid-back set of guidelines. But no matter what kind of environment you work in, odds are there is one piece of clothing that perfectly combines casual and professional. The best t-shirt for your casual workplace is the fitted v-neck tee.

The greatest thing about the fitted v-neck is its versatility. Like many things in life, no two jobs are quite the same. Every workplace has a different mood and culture. A fitted v-neck looks and works great with just about any kind of office or environment.

Juniors Vintage Wash V-Neck Tee

v-neck best tee

For a workplace that values its casual atmosphere, try our soft and light vintage tee. One of our most comfortable shirts, the Vintage Wash V-Neck is the best t-shirt for a job that may require a little more movement than the average desk job. Not only will you feel good in this tee, but thanks to its ultra cool vibe, you’ll look great too!

Very Important Tee® V-Neck

v-neck tee

Want to really feel like an essential asset to your company? Our Very Important Tee® will have you looking and feeling like a CEO. Soft, durable, and versatile, this v-neck comes in over a dozen color options, from pastels to heathers and neutrals, there is surely one for just about any type of casual workplace.

Juniors The Concert Tee™ Long Sleeve V-Neck

Long Sleeve V-Neck

Despite its name, The Concert Tee™ can be worn for work just as much as it’s worn for fun. We especially love the casual yet professional look of the Long Sleeve V-Neck version of one of our favorite tees. Unlike its colorful counterparts, the long sleeve Concert Tee™ comes in three neutral, work appropriate colors that would look great layered under a suit or with your favorite skirt.

Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee

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As one of our most casual tees, this is the best t-shirt for a yoga studio or gym, or anywhere with a particularly laid-back atmosphere. Our unique heathered Tri-Blend offers a three-in-one: softness, comfort, and style.

Cotton/Spandex Banded V-Neck Tee

cotton best t-shirt

Thanks to its banded bottom, thick hemmed v-neck, and cap sleeves, this is the best t-shirt for a more formal, business casual workplace. With six pure color options, this stretchy, fitted tee looks just right with anything, from cardigans to blazers, heels to flats, and dress pants to skirts.

Now it’s your turn! Try working one of our comfortable yet stylish fitted v-neck t shirts into your work wardrobe!