Blogger Q&A With The Simple Child

For our latest Blogger Q&A, we caught up with Kyle Hocking of The Simple Child. Based in Chicago, Kyle covers style, travel and everything in between. Read on for his favorite trends and style icons, and how he got started in the blogging world.

DC: How did you start blogging?
KH: It started as a small hobby I did in my free time. After some time, people started to follow me and take notice, and it quickly turned into something more!

DC: What was your original vision for your blog and what has it evolved into?
KH: I like putting outfits together. When I started, I thought it was something my friends and family would just read occasionally. After a few months, I started to get a following and was shocked. It went from a tiny hobby to a part-time job that I absolutely love.

DC: What are some of your wardrobe staples?
KH: Every guy needs an awesome jacket. I’ve had the coolest bomber jacket for a few years now. Perfect for going out. It makes the outfit and nothing goes better with it than a basic tee. Also, a quality pair of desert boots.

DC: What’s your biggest tip for styling basics?
KH: The fit is most important! Some are too small and way too many guys wear clothes that are way too big on them. Get over it boys, no girl or guy for that matter is attracted to a man swimming in his clothes!

DC: Who is your style icon? Why?
KH: Paul Newman was as stylish as he was cool. My style is definitely the classic preppy look with a little bit of edge mixed in, and I think he portrayed that flawlessly.

DC: What’s one trend from a past era you wish you could bring back (bad or good!)?
KH: Overalls hands down. I loved overalls back in the day. Now if you wear them you get a thousand looks like, “Is he really wearing overalls?” I just may order me some this weekend!

DC: What trend are you looking forward to rocking this Spring/Summer?
KH: My goal this summer is to add more vibrant, bold colors to my wardrobe. I am slacking in the red department and I think red will be the color of summer this year.

DC: How do you plan to style your new District pieces?
KH: For me, District clothing is all about style, comfort, and fit. I plan on styling some outfits perfect for that, “run some errands and head to the gym” look.