Bloggers We Love: Allie Wears

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. That’s why we love Boston fashion blogger Allie Lochiatto of Allie Wears! Each day she brings her readers a unique way to stay fashionable in the city without breaking the bank. We spoke with Allie to learn more about how she started in blogging, her personal style and what we can look for in upcoming spring trends.

For more styling advice, you can visit Allie’s blog HERE.

DC: Have you always been into fashion or is this a new found passion?
AW: My love for fashion has definitely grown in the last decade. In high school, I put no effort into how I looked or what I wore. During college, I went through a phase where I was always dressed up – wearing high heels and pencil skirts to house parties in NH (silly, I know). After college, my wardrobe turned a bit more professional since I was entering the workforce but I still tried to have fun with what I wore. My blog focuses strictly on personal style – how I dress, what I wear, and why I wear it. As much as I admire the high end designers who grace NYFW again and again, I strive to share with my readers styling tips that they can relate to being a young adult living in the city on a budget.

DC: What was your original vision for your blog and what has it evolved into?
AW: I started Allie Wears as a creative way to combine my love for fashion, photography, and writing in one central location. What started as a hobby has now turned into a monetizing career, which just comes to show that if you have the drive and the passion, anything is possible. I am beyond grateful that not only has the blog secured a dedicated reader base, but the opportunities that have presented themselves to me because of the blog have been beyond amazing – from working with brands that I idolize to having the ability to host events that make an impact in the blogging world. I don’t say it enough, and I should, that I am so proud of what my blog has become.

DC: What are some of your favorite wardrobe staples?
AW: I like to think my style is creative and I am always dressing for myself, no one else. A few of my favorite wardrobe staples are a form fitting jumpsuit, a flowy, flirty mini dress, and a sky high pair of comfortable heels (they exist, I swear!).

DC: What’s your biggest tip for styling basics?
AW: The great thing about wearing a basic is that it provides you a blank slate to dress up. Layering a statement necklace, wearing a bright cardigan, or tying a fun printed scarf around your neck are great, easy ways to add a fun flare to a basic.

DC: What do you think will be the biggest trend coming this Spring/Summer?
AW: I’d have to say the trend that I am most excited about for this Spring and Summer is pastels. The pastel color palette is everywhere – from faux leather jackets to wide leg palazzo pants. The best part is that pastels look great on all skin tones and act as a neutral, looking great with solids, prints, and patterns.

DC: What are your top 5 District styles?
AW: The Ladies Cardigan,the Mini-Stripe Zip Hoodie, the Shimmer Tank, the Perfect Blend V-Neck Tee and the Microburn Wide-Neck Tee. I wear my District Cardigan more than I’d like to admit. It’s the perfect layer over a tee and under a jacket while bracing the Boston cold! The Shimmer Tank goes perfectly with all of my accessories and the Microburn Wide-Neck Tee is SO soft and pairs great with jeans. I actually think I could live in my Microburn tee forever…and you can quote me on that.