Blue, Red, & Green T-Shirts: How the Colors You Wear Can Reflect Your Mood

Your favorite color can say a lot about you. Each color has its own meanings and representations that have stayed true for centuries. Offices and rooms are painted certain colors to encourage hard work and creativity. In the same way, the color of your clothing can tell more than you think.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we choose certain colors to wear for any number of reasons. When it comes to basic tees, you can instantly reflect your mood on any given day. Three of the most telling colors are blue, red, and green. Luckily, District® Clothing has a variety of blue, red, and green t-shirts, in a number of shades, to show off how you’re feeling.

Find out the meaning behind each of these basic colors and what mood they express when you wear them.


The color blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean, so it’s fitting that it represents calm, tranquility, and peace. But do not confuse the calmness of blue with laziness. Blue can also represent organization and hard work, which is why many school uniforms as well as work uniforms feature the color blue. Wear it to a job interview or to stay focused during a study session.

blue t-shirtsblue t-shirts

Microburn® V-Neck Tee in Deep Royal & Ladies Perfect Blend® V-Neck Tee in Heathered Bright Turquoise


It’s no surprise that the color of fire represents power and energy. If you want to get things done and show your authority, red is your color. Red is also a particularly eye-catching color, so don’t be surprised if you’re getting noticed more than when you wear blue or green t-shirts and become the center of attention. Red is also the color of passion and vivaciousness, so wearing red on a date or a night on the town may produce some romantic results.

red t-shirtsred t-shirts

Young Men’s Bouncer Tee in New Red & 60/40 Scoop Tee in Bright Coral


Green is the color of nature, new life, and positivity. In so many facets of our lives, green is a good thing, from traffic lights to money. When it comes to clothing, green means even more. Wearing green t-shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, and jackets will represent your individuality and creativity. Throw on some green for a group project brainstorming session, when starting a new job, or meeting new friends.

green t-shirtsgreen t-shirts

Perfect Weight® Crew Tee in Fresh Fatigue & The Concert Tee™ in Kelly Green

Try reflecting your own mood with one of District® Clothing’s many blue, red, or green t-shirts!