With the cold weather on it’s way, you’ll want to switch out your brighter lipsticks for colors that feel a little more ‘Winter.’ Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to easily incorporate these darker hues without looking too over the top.

1. Make it work with your skin tone
The most important of all tips is to really take your time choosing a color that works with your skin tone. There are plenty of shades of purples, after all, and while some give you the urge to swear off lipsticks for good, other will look great on you. Ladies with warm skin tones look better wearing a lipstick that walks that fine line between a red and a purple, while ladies with cool skin tones can take their pick amongst “bluer” purples.

2. Keep your eye makeup neutral
This simple, well-known tip for wearing dark lipsticks doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Opt for sexy, nicely lined cat eyes that Angelina Jolie is so fond of, or give a natural looking smoky eye a try.

3. Go for a long-wear lipstick
A dark lipstick that smudges, runs and leaves stains everywhere is one messy experience. Opt for a long-wear, stress-free lipstick you’d actually want to (and be able to) wear often and you’ll see that rocking a bold lip isn’t as much effort as it may seem.

4. Ensure a multidimensional look
A lot of women try to avoid dark lipsticks in fear that they make their lips appear thinner. And while this most definitely is a rational concern, it shouldn’t stop you from trying a different look, even if your lips aren’t on the full side to begin with. Load your brush with concealer, then gently swipe it along the outer edges of your lips after you’ve applied your lipstick. It will erase smudges, correct uneven lines, make your work look superb AND create a nice little illusion of fuller lips. Lastly, dab some gloss or pearly eye shadow onto the center of both lips to make your pout seem even fuller!

5. Choose the right hairstyle
When your clothes are dark and your hair is dark, a purple lip doesn’t say ‘glam’….it says Morticia Addams. Consider both your outfit and your hair style when deciding to go with a purple-tinted lip. A slick ponytail or bun is always chic!

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