Bouncer Tee

At District®, style is serious business. It’s no secret that we love t-shirts, and pride ourselves on having a style for every person’s preferences when it comes to weight, fit, cut, and more. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the latest addition to our ever-growing family of tees: the new Bouncer Tee! Inspired by the eternally cool look of the gatekeepers to entertainment, this heavyweight shirt features a classic style and relaxed fit, giving it the edge you need to make an entrance anywhere. Gain access to a statement look with District®.

Get Ready for A Night Out
The Bouncer Tee is the perfect choice for a relaxed night out at your favorite bar, a party, or concert. As a heavyweight shirt, the thicker than normal ring spun combed cotton gives this tee an air of added class and sophistication, without losing any of the comfort we turn to in a shirt. When you pair a dark Bouncer Tee with dark jeans and cool shoes, it creates a polished but relaxed look that’s ideal for today’s man about town. So what are you waiting for? Gain entrance to the District® with this great look.

Cool Comfort
No matter what, comfort is one of the most important aspects of any District® design, and the Bouncer Tee is no exception. The fabric of this heavyweight shirt is super soft, so it feels great against your skin and you’ll always be comfortable, no matter what the occasion. This comfort never comes at the expense of style, though, so you’ll look great and feel great at the same time. That’s how you know you’ve got a District® original.

bouncer tee
A True Wardrobe Staple
In addition to the basic black that’s most associated with its namesake, the Bouncer Tee comes in four other versatile colors. All five colors of the Bouncer Tee look great with your favorite pair of jeans, but this wardrobe staple is even more versatile than that. A heavyweight tee is an essential that every man should own more than one of. A heavyweight shirt like the bouncer tee looks great on its own, but these shirts also make great undershirts for your favorite button-downs, and they’re as useful at the gym as they are in the club. With so much versatility, this shirt is useful all year round, so put a few in your wardrobe rotation and look like a VIP during every season!

At District®, we’re always in the business of getting you access to comfortable and versatile style, and the edgy look of the Bouncer Tee is just the beginning. Whether you’re looking for a heavyweight shirt for a night out, a pair of boardshorts for the beach, or a light pullover hoodie for a fall day on campus, our online store is the place to search for versatile and stylish basics. Shop today and stock up on the wardrobe essentials that every guy needs!