Channel 90s Fashion with the Best Tees

Fashion is a never ending cycle. We’ve seen fashion comebacks from just about every decade, and now is the time for the 90s to make their resurgence! The decade that brought us Saved By The Bell, the Spice Girls, and Clueless also brought along its own unique and unforgettable fashion trends.

Bring back one of the most fun decades of the last century with these easy to pull off looks featuring some of District® Clothing’s best tees.

90s Fashion with the Best TeesStrappy Layers

Smart fashionistas know that layers are always in style. But layering is not just for being prepared. Layers can also help you to create a cool, unique look. The 90s brought us many different layering trends, but one in particular was as cute, simple, and oh so 90s as you could ever hope for. Recreate this girly layered look that was seen on TV and in movies, as well as on the girl next door, back in the day. The best tees for this look are simple fitted white tees, like District’s® Sublimate Tee® and layer our 1X1 Rib Spaghetti Strap Tank on top!

90s Fashion with the Best TeesGrunge Chic

With the popularity of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Seattle grunge music and fashion was all the rage in the 90s. Ever since, this style never really went away.Hardcore fans never gave up the lifestyle and have rocked the look in various ways ever since. Easily make this style a part of your fashion lineup with the Tri-Blend Scoop Tee, one of District’s® best tees, along with distressed jeans or jean shorts, combat boots, and of course, a plaid shirt either layered on top or tied around the waist.

90s Fashion with the Best TeesOveralls For the Win

Don’t look now, but these 90s favorites are starting to make a comeback into mainstream fashion! If you lived through the last decade of the 20th century, odds are you had a pair of overalls. We can’t imagine why they ever left, they’re just so functional and easy to wear! Plus you can really showcase your very best tees with overalls. Try wearing a pair with District’s® Faded Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee and casual sneakers!

90s Fashion with the Best TeesIt’s All About Accessories

Leggings, first popularized in the 90s, have officially made their way back into everyday fashion, a fact that we celebrate! We’re not ashamed to admit it because they are simply so comfortable. And since leggings paired with one of District’s® best tees isn’t really an outfit that instantly says, “That’s so 90s” anymore, we figured some vintage additions will help you out here. Try adding a denim vest, platform shoes, a tiny backpack, and a Blossom-esque flower hat to really put this casual look into 90s heaven.

Create your own unique 90s looks with District® Clothing’s fashion basics!