Chic Workout Clothes: Our Favorite Trends

Does wearing your same old sportswear leave your workout regimen feeling stale and uninspired? We at District® Clothing are here to share some of the most chic workout clothes, from bright neon colors to oversized tank tops. Keep your activewear collection fresh with these styles.


We used to associate neon with the outrageous styles of the 80s and 90s. However neon has made a huge comeback over the past few years, especially in the world of sportswear. Professional sports teams are hitting the field in head to toe neon and the top fitness brands have neon options for just about every piece they sell. We love color at District® Clothing, and a variety of our items are available in neon hues, including hoodies, tank tops, t-shirts, bags, and hats!

chic workout clothes

Playful Patterns

From geometric yoga pants to leopard print headbands, fun and funky patterns are popping up on all kinds of chic workout clothes. Don’t be the girl at the gym who only wears black. Show off your individuality with some unique prints! Sportswear is one area of fashion where you can dress in the craziest colors and patterns without breaking any rules!

chic workout clothes

Color Blocking

Similar to neon, this trend has roots dating back to the 80s and 90s. Color blocking has been a strong part of high fashion for a few years and has now found its way back to sportswear. Think strong angles and lines featuring bold colors, like District’s® Juniors Tri-Blend Pieced Crewneck Tee! This fitness trend transitions seamlessly into everyday casual wear, as well.

Open & Oversized

So much of sportswear is about staying close to the body and fitted, especially for women. And although this helps with speed, flexibility, and movability, sometimes we need to let our bodies breathe. Big, boxy, boyfriend-inspired layers look and work great as activewear options. Try layering loose tank tops over brightly colored sports bras or oversized zip up hoodies with leggings and a crop top.

chic workout clothes

Feminine Touches

Whoever said sportswear needs to be masculine? You can still show your feminine side while keeping up with the guys! From flowy tanks and tees to floral patterns and bright colors, don’t be afraid to let your girl power shine. Your chic workout clothes can and should be just as fun and unique as you are!

Amp up your fitness wardrobe with these modern trends to not only look good but feel cool and confident! New clothes and styles may even inspire you to get up and get active!