Choose the Perfect College Backpack for Your Major

Back-to-school shopping is different for everyone. If you’re heading off to college, you probably have a long list of school supplies and dorm room essentials you’ll need in order to start your freshman year off right. You have the necessities checked off: comforter, shower caddy, and notebooks. College backpacks are another essential item for every first-year student, and choosing the right style for carrying all your books and supplies around campus is more important than ever.
District Rucksack
You’ll likely be walking a lot more than you ever did in high school, and chances are you’ll run into some harsh weather elements along the way. We highlighted four basic backpack styles that can come in handy for different college majors, so you can determine which design may be right for you!

Rucksack—Geology Major

As a geology major, you’ll not only be spending time in the classroom, but odds are you will also encounter off-site expeditions during your course of study. Our line of Rucksack college backpacks is perfect for day-to-day campus life and outdoor field studies. The two rounded exterior pockets are great for storing writing utensils, tools, or even a water bottle.

District Retro Backpack

Retro Backpack—Music Major

Whether you’re an aspiring singer, producer, or musician, these uber cool college backpacks are perfect for the musically inclined. It’s big enough to carry books and sheet music, but small enough to not be overbearing if you’re also trekking across campus with an instrument case. The best part about our Retro Backpack is the media port. You can easily throw your iPod in your bag and string your headphones through the port, whether you’re listening to your favorite artist for inspiration or studying the masters on your way to class.

Multi Compartment—Film Major

Being a film major may sound like a cool area of study. However, it’s not all fun and games, and there’s a lot of work that goes into becoming a filmmaker. At some point during your four years, you will start to work on making your own movies, which will require hauling all kinds of film equipment around campus and beyond. College backpacks with a multi-compartment design are perfect for keeping all your lenses and equipment organized and safe!

Head to class with confidence this season by sporting one of our trendy backpacks. Visit our online store today to view our entire collection of fun fall fashions, and start the school year in style!