District Made on The Hallmark Channel

At District®, we pride ourselves on creating versatile clothing that invigorates a wardrobe with possibility. We love when others come up with creative ways to style our basic pieces that take them from casual to dressy and back again. One of our favorite examples comes from stylist Anya Sarre’s Hallmark Channel segment showing how to use a simple black cardigan from District Made® to create five different styles. Her great results show that there’s no easier way to add versatility to your closet. Here’s a round-up of her tips and our suggestions for using them to create a more flexible wardrobe:

gray cardigan sweater

Use a Cardigan to Spice Up Your Office Wardrobe

Sarre suggests tucking a simple black cardigan into your favorite office skirt. When you do this, the cardigan disappears, looking like a top rather than a sweater. With a bright collared blouse underneath and tights to keep your legs warm, this creates a distinct layered look that’s office appropriate without being boring.

Make Sleeveless Dresses and Tops Seasonally Appropriate

For her dressy look, Sarre demonstrated how you can use a simple black cardigan to add seasonal flexibility to the pieces in your wardrobe that might only seem appropriate for summer months. As she put it, a cardigan adds “instant sleeves” to any sleeveless like the color block peplum dress that she featured. To fully achieve this look, tie the cardigan in the back.

gray full zip hoodie

Cardigans Make Great Layering Pieces

For a casual look that’s as warm as it is easy to throw together, Sarre layered our simple black cardigan over a comfortable t-shirt and under a faux fur vest and scarf. She paired this casual look with relaxed fit jeans, but it would also look great with leggings and shearling boots to bring you some comfort on a winter weekend.

Always Accessorize

Accessories are a great tool for styling any piece up or down, as Sarre showed when she used sparkling accents and statement jewelry to create a party look with our otherwise casual cardigan. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your accessories. As all of Sarre’s full outfits demonstrate, they can really transform a basic piece.

Dress Up Your Gym Clothes

In the winter, we often throw on a sweatshirt for protection from the cold after we finish a workout, but, as Sarre points out, sometimes we need to do other things before we can go home, shower, and regroup. A simple black cardigan is a great way to make your gym clothes appear more put-together when you’re pressed for time and need to run errands or meet a friend for coffee.

To view the whole segment featuring District®’s cardigan and the stylish Anya Sarre, click here. And to find your new favorite simple black cardigan, as well as a host of other quality wardrobe essentials that you can wear in as many different outfits as you can imagine, shop District®’s online store today!