Coffee Shop Chic

There are plenty of blogs and guides telling you what to wear to dances, clubs, and weddings. In many of our own blogs, we have helped you create outfits for certain seasons and a variety of activities. But sometimes, you just want to have a laid back day and wear a laid back outfit. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, having a coffee date, or even getting some work, studying, or reading done, the local coffee shop is the place to do it. However, putting together a laid back, yet fashionable, outfit for such an occasion is easier said than done. Snuggle up and check out these coffee shop approved outfits featuring hoodies, thermal long sleeves, accessories, and more!

As we mentioned, coffee shop chic is all about laid back comfort and. To us, oversized clothing items define that comfort! Sometimes the best way to achieve the oversized look and feel is to opt for men’s clothing items along with more feminine accessories. Try this fun and trendy outfit featuring one of our favorite fall-friendly men’s shirts:

Maybe you had a late night out on the town or just want to make something of your lazy Sunday. Even the most casual outfits can look stylish and put together with just a little bit of foresight! To really have the chillest of coffee shop outings, keep it ultra laid back with this classic, comfortable, cool weather look:

Nothing says fall quite like throwing on your favorite hoodie and jeans! District® has a variety of zip up and pull over hoodies and sweatshirts, but we think our Marled Fleece Full-Zip is the definition of coffee shop chic. This classic look is great for meeting up with friends for a casual afternoon at your favorite coffee place, or even taking your latte to go and walking around!

If the thermal long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies included in the other outfits in this guide are just a bit too laid back for your taste and style, worry not. You can still keep it casual and comfortable while looking put together. Pairing one of our softest and most fashionable tees with our modern, two toned cardigan will achieve a look that is perfect for an all day study or work session!