College Clothing Necessities

So, you’re heading off to college, are you? You have your classes all scheduled out, your roommate assigned, and you’ve bought that shower caddy everybody talks about. There are countless lists out there that tell you everything you need for your dorm, your classes, and living on your own. But what a lot of them don’t do is breakdown what kind of clothes you’ll need during your first semester away from home. Lucky for you, District® is here to fill you in on all your college apparel necessities, from fleece hoodies to shoe essentials, to have you ready to go on move-in day!


It is very likely that you will wear a pair of jeans almost every day of your college career. They’re comfortable and reliable and look good with just about anything. You’ll want to have a variety of styles, washes, and lengths. Before you go jeans shopping, take an inventory of what you have so you’ll know what you need!


Sweatshirts are an absolute must on college campuses. You may have even bought an official university hoodie when you first visited during high school. Throughout the course of your college career, you will probably join a team or club that will even provide a free one. But don’t count on this when packing for your first semester. A few options may include a lightweight crewneck, a fleece hoodie, and a bit of variety when it comes to colors and patterns. Make sure your go-to sweatshirt is neutral enough to wear with just about anything!


Now this may seem like a given (obviously you need to have shoes) but it’s the specific types of shoes we want to focus on here. You don’t want to be the guy or girl that comes to campus with boxes and boxes of shoes. Spoiler alert: You probably won’t have room for every single pair. Having one or two pairs in basic styles will be plenty. Those styles being:

– Casual sneakers

– Running sneakers (if you plan on working out)

– Boots

– Flats

– Sandals or flip flops

Any of these shoes will look great with a classic t shirt, jeans, and hoodie.

When creating your own personal checklist, know that there is a fine line between over-packing and having enough. Be sure to take into account how often you’ll be doing/want to be doing laundry and when you plan on heading home so you can do a little seasonal clothing swap — tanks for fleece!

Another important thing to keep in mind– and this is key– is that no matter where you’re heading off to school, who you were in high school, or what any number of “checklists” say, BE YOURSELF! The best way to make friends is to be open and friendly to everyone!