Combine Beachy Fashion & Winter Chic with Cotton Sweatshirts, Skinny Scarves, & More

The beach and winter do not mix. Or so we’ve been told. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located in colder climates. Fashion wise, the old rules of seasonal wardrobes and putting away your summer clothes has since been thrown out the window. Whether you are planning on heading to the New England seaside or just want to channel that beachy vibe when the temps drop below freezing, District® has you covered.

Check out these outfit ideas featuring District® Clothing cotton sweatshirts, winter accessories, and more!

Cable Beanie with Pom

Our adorable knit beanie reminds us of hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire. However, the cream color option also reminds us of sand, and all the soft neutrals of the ocean, especially in the winter. Pair this tasseled winter hat with a comfortable button down, like District’s® Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt, and a pair of leggings or jeans.

knit beanie

Core Fleece Wide Neck Pullover

What does beach life mean to you? If you answered calm, laid-back, and letting loose, our cotton sweatshirts are perfect for that easygoing lifestyle. Keep it comfortable with our drop shoulder pullover in tropical dark fuchsia, casual athletic heather, or classic black, along with leggings and boots.

cotton sweatshirts

Cotton Blend Scarf

Unlike other winter accessories, scarves really can be worn all year round. Our skinny cotton blend scarf looks great with everything from toasty sweaters to flowy tanks. Wrap it close for maximum warmth, or let it drape loosely for a more casual, beachy look. Try it with a simple, casual outfit with a long sleeved tee and jeans.

cotton blend scarf

Marled Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie

We love the natural look and feel of this hoodie. As one of our favorite cotton sweatshirts, the marled yarn is two-toned, giving off a unique and relaxed vibe. Wear it with your favorite pair of worn-in, distressed jeans for a casual cold weather friendly beach look.

cotton sweatshirts

On-the-Go Canvas Tote

Our large, cotton canvas tote is the perfect beach bag. But if a trip to the beach is a few months off, and cold weather is at your doorstep, it doesn’t mean you can’t channel that summer feeling with this carry all! The hot color options will pop against your winter coat and essentials on even the grayest and snowiest of days.

cotton canvas tote

Now that you know mixing winter and beachy fashion is possible, give it a try! Play around with District® Clothing cotton sweatshirts, accessories, and more along with your own wardrobe favorites to create a unique year round style that is all you!