Cool Summer Nights

When we think of summer, we think of the sun first. But summer isn’t just about long days at the beach or the pool—there’s still plenty of summer fun to be had when the sun goes down. It’s the best time of year for bonfires, camping, or just a night on the town. But never fear, District® has you covered, as always, with fresh and versatile clothing basics. On these unforgettable cool summer nights, our new Fleece Raglan is here to keep you warm and stylish.

Summer’s Favorite Hoodie
boardshortsThis lightweight pullover hoodie is unmatched in softness, and features those color contrast sleeves that we all love. The fabric’s minimal thickness is perfect for the light chill of a summer evening breeze. For both men and women, this lightweight pullover hoodie comes in a variety of colors to match your style and attitude. Nothing says summer like comfort, and we know you’ll love the comfortable look of the Fleece Raglan all summer long.

How to Wear a Hoodie in Summertime
There’s an art to layering up in summer weather without overdoing it and overheating. On a cool summer night, you need a little extra warmth, but you don’t want to bundle up until you’re uncomfortable. On a summer evening, you don’t want wear too much underneath your lightweight pullover hoodie—a light tank is perfect. When you’re trying to strike the right balance between warm and cool, we love the look of a light pullover hoodie like the Fleece Raglan over a pair of boardshorts, which keeps the summer spirit alive while keeping you warm in the evening. The same approach works with our Ladies’ Boardshorts, as well. Just add sandals and you’re ready for a long summer evening under the stars—or in front of the movie theater screen watching them.

A Great Transitional Piece
As summer starts to wind down, and it’s back to school time, our Fleece Raglan proves its versatility by becoming a great transitional piece as the weather cools off. It’s perfect for adding an extra layer when you’re sitting in a cold classroom, or carrying along just in case there’s a drop in temperature. In the early days of fall, our Fleece Raglan looks great paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers for a casual, comfortable look. And of course, as it gets colder, it’s easy to step up the layers, trading in the tank you’re wearing underneath your Fleece Raglan for a Long Sleeve Thermal that adds extra protection from the cold. As the seasons change and your lightweight pullover hoodie stays in style, you’ll see why we love this shirt so much.

With so much versatility, it’s no wonder that the Fleece Raglan is one of our favorite summer evening looks.