Crew Neck Sweatshirts: Wear the Trend

Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Here at District® Clothing, we are not shy about professing our love for hoodies. However, with all the focus on our multiple hooded sweatshirt styles, sometimes our classic crew neck sweatshirts get overlooked!

Believe it or not, the classic crew neck style is making a fashion comeback. In the past, these warm, casual sweater alternatives were reserved only for gym class and cold weather runs. Now, they are being viewed as trendy statement pieces that can really enhance any style. Check out these irresistible outfit ideas that can easily be created with the help of our Juniors Concert Fleece™ Crew!

Comfortable Boho-Chic

District® Juniors Concert Fleece™ Crew in Navy

Striped maxi skirt

Flowy scarf

Buckle sandals

Maxi dresses and skirts may seem like a summer staple, but they are actually also great for cooler months! Achieve the same ethereal look you love to rock when it’s warm outside by adding one of our stylish crew neck sweatshirts to your ensemble. This look can be layered over a tee and maxi! Add a scarf and buckle sandals for an added cool factor all year round.

Preppy Cute

District® Juniors Concert Fleece™ Crew in Black

Collared shirt

Circle skirt

Casual sneakers

If you really want to amp up the fashion with your crew neck collection, add a collared shirt to your outfit to complement your style! A popped-out collar look instantly gives off a completely different vibe! Play with some fun colors, patterns and fabrics with your layering! This look can work with any kind of bottom, but we think a fun and flirty circle skirt will take this look to the next level.

Casually Pretty

District® Juniors Concert Fleece™ Crew in Grey

Dark wash skinny jeans

Statement necklace

Cute flats

Jeans paired with one of our crew neck sweatshirts may not sound terribly exciting or fashion forward at first glance. However, wearing this traditional look with the right accessories can make all the difference! A nice pair of fitted, dark or even black jeans will add some sleekness. Layer your favorite necklace on top and throw on cute flats to match, and you are ready to go out with the girls or make a great first impression on a casual date!

Modern Athletic

District® Juniors Concert Fleece™ Crew in New Red

Nylon running shorts

Fun crew socks

Workout sneakers

Playing with different styles sure can be fun, but adding our crew neck sweater to your activewear collection is a must! Instead of just throwing it on over your old gym clothes, why not ramp up your workout attire? A fun pair of running shorts, socks, and running shoes will having you looking good and feeling good! Plus, you might even be more motivated to get active!

Showcase your trendy personality this fall with our stylish selection of crew neck sweatshirts. If you’re into our classic crew neck design, be sure to check out our online store for more fun fall attire!