How To Customize Your Tees

At District® Clothing, we are proud to be your go-to t shirt company when it comes to finding the perfect customizable items. Whether you’re making team uniforms, wedding party favors, or band t shirts to sell at your local shows, our tees are ideal for adding your own logos, pictures, and text. If you’re not the most crafty of individuals, but want to learn more about how to make these tees your own, you’re in luck! We’ve brought together a few tried and true methods of t shirt customization. Read on and see what works best for how you want to design your tees!

Printable Transfer Paper

Quite possibly the easiest option for smaller quantities of tees. Available at most craft or office supply stores, transfers are printable paper that you can then iron onto clothing. When you’re shopping, be sure you know what color shirt you’ll be using with the transfer. You can then design your own logo on the computer by using your own fonts and images, print them out, and then iron them on! The transfers will come with their own instructions for application, so be sure to follow them closely.

T Shirt Company Tip: Be sure to turn your shirt inside out when washing once the transfer has been applied!

Standard Transfers

If graphic design is not your forte, there are other iron-on transfer options out there. They range from pre-made letters and numbers to full sheets that allow you to add a more personal touch. Choose from plain colors to patterns, textures, and even glitter!

T Shirt Company Tip: Not much of an artist? Use tracing to make your transfer design flawless!

Patches and Appliques

An old school option, but a perfect choice if you’re going for a vintage look! We’re not just talking geometrically-shaped scout patches. There are tons of patch options out there available at craft stores, from letters and numbers to licensed images and more! This option is best for team uniforms that need a simple name and number applied to them.

T Shirt Company Tip: For a truly vintage look, opt for District’s® retro baseball inspired Raglan Tees!

Screen Printer

For truly professional looking t shirts and designs, a screen printer is the way to go. If you’re a band serious about selling merch at your shows or a new start up company that wants to get the word out, this is a foolproof option that won’t leave your customers sending you complaints. If you’re looking long term, you can buy an at-home screen printer. For the everyman, try finding a local screen printing company to transfer your designs (or even do one for you)! If you do go this route, don’t forget to have them hook you up with District® Clothing tees!

T Shirt Company Tip: Do you sell your own t shirts? District’s® full range of tees offers great options to use for your designs!