DIY Your Basics

diy sewing basics There’s no doubt that DIY is in. A simple Google search will reveal Pinterest post after Pinterest post of make-at-home furniture, foodstuffs, and yes, you guessed it, fashion. At District®, we love to inspire creatives; that’s why we provide the basics you can build your unique style around. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these super fly DIY projects that work perfectly with your District® basics! Juniors Tee into Crop Top Crop tops are back in a big way.  As crops are the perfect homage to days past, there’s no better way to go retro than by cropping your shirts yourself. diy crop top t shirt Cut a crop top out of your favorite District® t shirt:

  • Cut the lower half of the tee, leaving two separate tails in the front

  • Cut off the sleeves and neckline

  • If you’re a sewer, you may mend your hems. Otherwise leave them be for a rocker chick vibe!

  • Once finished, try on the top and tie the tails together

Done! You have an instant, ultra cool crop top you can pair with a high-waisted skirt, jeans, shorts, or leggings! Stencil Hoodie diy basic hoodies for men If you’re the proud owner of one or more District® hoodies for men, you already know about their quality and longevity. Wanna spruce up your hoodie collection? Stencils add artistic expression to your favorite pullover or zip up. Here’s how to achieve this funky look:

  • Create a stencil of the image you want on your hoodie. This can be created or designed by you, or through a third party stencil maker

  • Use fabric spray paint to fill in the stenciled image onto your hoodie. Be sure to cover other parts of your sweatshirt that you don’t want painted!

  • Follow the directions on the fabric spray can for drying duration as well as care and maintenance to ensure the life of your new creation.

Tip: If you’re not much of an artist but want to add a bit of flair to your hoodie, skip the stencil step and just have some fun with fabric paint to create your own organic design! Create unique DIY projects with your favorite basics, like hoodies for men from District.®