DIY Tank Top Design Trends

Here at District® Clothing, we love our basic tank tops. They are the building blocks of any look, from casual to ultra chic. Nevertheless, we also love to encourage the idea of customization. We know that every person who wears our clothes is a unique individual with their own style and perspectives. We want you to make our basics all your own by dressing them up with your favorite, unique pieces.

Our tanks are perfect canvases for fun DIY projects. These tank top design ideas are inspired by some of the latest style trends. Try them out on your favorite District® tank top!

Handkerchief Print

Often associated with florals and paisleys, this organic print is showing up on more than just small, handheld scarves. It is sometimes used with mixed media or flowy fabrics, or it can act as the focal point of an otherwise plain piece. The latter version is a great design, and an easy DIY project!

Handkerchief  Pattern Stencil

What you need:

  • Pattern stencil
  • Fabric paint
  • Tape
  • Sponge brush

Plan out the design you want using the stencil. Once you’re ready to create your unique tank top design, start by taping down the stencil onto your tank. Use the sponge brush to paint your design using the fabric paint and stencil. Follow the directions on the fabric paint for drying time.

Tulle Flowers

Tiny, sporadic embellishments offer some added style and cuteness! Although this design project uses a needle and thread, even novice sewers can pull this off without a lot of effort!

What you need:

  • Tulle
  • Needle & thread

Cut tulle into multiple 2″ strips. Gather strip by pinching the middle and bringing the long ends in to make a bow. Wrap thread around the middle of each “bow” until secure and tight. Use needle to cross thread through the middle of each bow, and thread into tank.

Metal Studs

 Studded Shoulders

Studs add edgy appeal to any tank top design or accessory piece. If you don’t want to go too rough, there are many different shapes and sizes of studs available at craft stores these days, including circles, stars, and more! Use studs in your project to add an instant touch of cool style!

What you need:

  • Pack of studs
  • Chalk

Decide where you want to place your studs. Use chalk to measure the area you plan on placing the stud clusters so they match on each shoulder. For even more precise placement, use chalk to identify where you’re going to place each individual stud. Push each stud into the material and fold the prongs over on the back side to secure.

Before you start working on your next tank top design, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind! Have fun and let your personality shine through by adding your own unique style to our basic tanks.