Dress Up the Summer with Button Up Short Sleeve Shirts

Okay guys, this one’s for you! At District® Clothing, we love having fun with men’s fashion. As an equal opportunity fashion retailer, we like to keep all our customers happy. That means highlighting our men’s collection just as much as the ladies! It’s easy to do with so many quality, stylish basics. There is a fashionist-o in any guy that wants to look his best, even if it’s just in jeans and a t-shirt.

men’s short sleeve washed woven shirt

However, as much as we love that classic, casual outfit, sometimes it could use a little umph. That’s when we thought, why not do a little switcheroo with one of our on-trend options? Our 100% cotton chambray men’s Short Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt is the perfect way to dress up and style up some of your favorite summer outfits. Give these ideas a try featuring our favorite button up short sleeve shirts:

The Polo

We love polos at District Clothing. So much in fact, we have three fantastic polo style options for men! But sometimes this classic piece needs a little boost. Our button up short sleeve shirts are so similar to our polos, we even put them in the same category on our website! They have the same basic look but upgraded, more trendy, and modern.

The Pocket Tee

District’s® cool new Young Mens Very Important Tee® with Contrast Sleeves and Pocket is itself a bit of an upgrade from a classic crew neck t-shirt. You may wear this style of tee with a more put together, stylish look. If you seem to be wearing that pocket tee a lot this summer, try switching it out once in a while for a button up short sleeve shirt.

tee with contrast sleeves and pocket


The Long Sleeve Button Up

Our short sleeve washed woven shirt has a long sleeve counterpart. District’s® Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt features the same chambray material, lived-in look, and trim fit as its short sleeved brother. Switch out the long sleeve version for a more summer-friendly option. Button up short sleeve shirts offer a fresh take that will look just as great. Style however you want, whether you tuck it in, cuff the sleeves, button up, or leave open.

The V-Neck Tee

Similar to our pocket tee, our collection of v-neck tees always look great no matter how you wear them. But switching them out with button up short sleeve shirts from time to time can help keep your fashion game on point without trying too hard! Wear with anything from your favorite jeans to a pair of classic cargos.

Liven up your wardrobe with must-have button up short sleeve shirts from District® Clothing.