Essentials for the Athlete’s Closet

From high school and college athletes to the pros—and even those of us who want to stay in shape—every level of athlete knows that it takes more than just pure talent to succeed. To better ourselves and achieve success, we need the intangibles, like passion and drive, and the very tangible, like the right equipment and clothing.

Having the necessary gear makes all the difference not only on the field, court, or track, but also while training and during workouts.

With that extra factor in mind, why don’t you take a look at District® Clothing’s athletes’ essentials list, to see what might help you reach your goal. We offer each kind of men’s hoodie, sweats, and more!


Depending on your sport of choice, having the appropriate footwear can make all the difference. There are so many different kinds of styles and types, especially when it comes to running shoes. Know your feet, including your arch height and any ailments or injuries your feet may be prone to or recovering from. By simply adding the right shoe for your activity, you’re sure to notice an improvement!

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Whether you’re practicing outside or going the extra mile to work up a sweat, a hoodie is every athlete’s best friend. District® carries each type of men’s hoodie that includes options for every athlete. Our Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodies are especially great for morning runs and early winter workout sessions.

Tank Tops

Sometimes, you have to set those arms free! As an essential for outdoor summer sports or hot indoor gyms, a quality tank can make all the difference. Not only does a good tank top free up your range of motion, but it also eliminates the time and energy that comes with wanting to constantly scrunch up a tee’s sleeves.


Quality sweatpants, like District’s® Core Fleece Pant and Short, are undoubtedly essential for every athlete’s closet. Working up a sweat is a big part of training, and can easily be accomplished with the warmest of gear. Sweatpants are also great for layering over more breathable shorts or keeping your body temperature safe when practicing or training outdoors in cold weather. To make the outfit complete, nothing compares to pairing your workout sweatpants with a women’s or men’s hoodie!

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Wearing a warm hat while working out in the winter can be extremely beneficial. Not only will it keep you warm and comfortable, but it also helps you retain body heat. The right kind of hat, like District’s® Striped Beanie, can also act as a sweatband, especially if you have longer hair.

From a men’s hoodie to women’s sweatpants, check out all of District’s® athletic essentials at