Eye Candy

While minimalist and natural looks are very much “in,” sometimes you need to make a splash. Glitter—once popular in the 60s—is again making waves in the fashion world. Use this splash of sparkle to add a dose of mystique to your look. Here’s how you pull it off:

Keep it Simple
Take a muted approach to your powder and blush. Let the glitter be the focal point of your look. By applying a streak of pink, orange or purple to your eyelids, you can create a shimmering contrast.

Embrace the “Mess”
The upside of this look outweighs the glitter that’s sure to coat your bathroom sink. Use a product like MAC Mixing Medium, a jelly-like eyeliner, as an adhesive surface for the glitter. Add a streak of glitter and your eyes will be ready to shine. After the night winds down, simply remove with warm water.

If you don’t want to clean the mess that comes with glitter, crystals are a great alternative. As with glitter, you’ll want to take a muted approach to your makeup. Once you’ve finished your makeup, use tweezers to apply a layer of self-adhesive crystals to your eyelids.