Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall fashions may change from year to year, but there will always be a core group of items that are necessary when autumn comes around. We love throwing on a zip up hoodie, scarf and boots with every outfit! Summer activities are great, but fall activities are just as fun! Whether you’re apple or pumpkin picking, taking a drive through the countryside, or just taking in the fall foliage, you will need these fall wardrobe essentials! Be sure to check off the items you have and the ones you need!


You know when the temperature is just ideal, with a slight breeze in the air? It’s not warm enough to go bare armed, but a coat is just too much. This is that magical moment when a hoodie is just right. You can’t go wrong with District’s® zip up hoodies, including the Fleeces (Core, Concert, and Marled), the Mini Stripe, and the Lightweight Jersey.


Summer hats are meant to keep the sun out of your eyes, and winter hats keep you warm. What does a fall hat do, then? Makes you look good! There is no true definition of a fall hat as long as it feels right to you. Some great options from District® include the Cabled Brimmed Hat, Military Hats, Cabby Hat and Slouch Beanie.


They call it sweater weather for a reason! There’s nothing like cozying up in your favorite warm sweater on a cool fall day, sipping your pumpkin-flavored coffee, and taking a walk among the falling leaves. Like the sweater version of a zip up hoodie, District Made’s™ Cardigan Sweater fits perfectly into any fall wardrobe and will have you thinking autumn at first sight.

Long Sleeve Tee

The long sleeve tee is often underrated as a fashion basic. But we know the importance of having some extended fabric as the temperatures gradually drop and layering becomes increasingly necessary. You are bound to find your perfect, fully sleeved t shirt in our collection, which includes the stylish Juniors Textured Wide Neck Raglan and the basic Young Mens Concert Long Sleeve Tee.


We admit it, sometimes we hang onto our sandals and flip flops for just a little too long. When you finally realize that it might be a bit too chilly for exposed toes, you know it’s time to bring out the boots. There are so many great styles out there these days, from near knee-high brown boots to laced up worker boots, cowboy boots, and more. We know there is a pair for everyone and every outfit, from dresses to zip up hoodies.


Who doesn’t love scarves? Once known as a winter accessory to keep the neck and chest warm, scarves are now statement-making pieces that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Our Cotton Blend Scarf is classic and versatile and will surely become your go-to neckwear this fall!