Fashionable Holiday Gifts (they Won’t Have to Pretend they Love)

Gift giving ain’t always easy. But never fear: District to the rescue! We’ve got stylish gifts that even the most difficult friends, families and colleagues will love!

Use Your Head

Looking for something that says you care but won’t break the budget? Hats can be your best friend. They lend a little personality (and warmth!) to any ensemble. The Cabby Hat and Beanie with Pom are sure winners.

cabby hat and beanie

For Life on the Go

With busy schedules, a great all-purpose bag is essential. The Rucksack is perfect for school, work or play!

all-purpose bag

Holidays in the Hood

Want to give someone a present they’ll have a hard time taking off? Ever? Try the Mini Stripe Full-Zip Hoodie. Casual cool that’s as comfortable as they come.

mini stripe full-zip hoodies