What Your Favorite T Shirt Says About You

Do you have a favorite t shirt? Maybe it’s a brand new plain tee that you just can’t seem to stop wearing.  Perhaps it’s a concert tee you’ve had since before you could remember, that’s been with you through thick and thin.  Since we love t shirts at District® Clothing, we thought it would be fun to go into the psyche of that choice and see what your go-to tee says about you!

Favorite Sports Team

You are a very passionate individual. You live and die with your favorite team, players, and city. Not only does your passion transfer to sports, but to the rest of your life as well. You’re a hard worker and always give 110% in all aspects of your life from your job to relationships and everything in between. “Work Hard, Play Hard” is your motto and when your team wins, you can bet the party goes all night long!

Concert T Shirt

Wearers of band or concert t shirts can be one of two things. Either you love music and love reminiscing about the time  you saw your favorite band live, or you want to be sure that people know that you know good music when you hear it. Either way, music means something special to you and you love the rock and roll lifestyle. You wish you could wake up at 2 p.m. everyday only to prepare yourself for your own show that night. You love being the center of attention, whether it’s performing or talking in depth about your favorite artist’s new album. Being the star isn’t a negative thing; someone has to keep the party going!

Plain T Shirt

No team or concert t shirt for you! Some may call you a wallflower, others shy. It’s not that you don’t like meeting new people or experiencing new things, you just like being the bystander and watching the world go by. People watching is one of your favorite past times, and you love blending in to increase your observational skills. You’re a good writer and have always preferred expressing yourself through the written word. You’re a great listener and everyone that knows you loves you; they feel like they can tell you anything.

Tee You Got For Free

Words that describe you are carefree, laid-back, and chill. You live your life the way you want to and really, truly don’t care what people think of you. You happened upon your favorite t shirt either as a gift, from a fund raiser, or as a prize at a local festival or concert. No matter how you came upon it, it shows that life is a game of chance and sometimes you just get lucky! You know that everything happens for a reason, and you always try to convince your friends and family that.