A Feminine Twist: Super Soft Sweatshirts and Skirts Make a Perfect Match

You’ve heard the age old saying “opposites attract” probably around a million times in your life, whether it is being said in terms of friendships, relationships, or the scientific definition. Believe it or not, this cliche is best exemplified in fashion.

Our District® and District Made® collections feature high quality fashion basics that are able to become the building blocks of any wardrobe. These basics can create a casual style all their own. But they can also be combined with a variety of other types of clothing items resulting in unique pairings that will take your style to a whole new level.

One of our favorite examples of fashion opposites attracting involve casual and comfortable super soft sweatshirts paired with fun and feminine skirts. Combining these two polar opposite style items result in a playful, fashion forward look!

So how can you achieve this unique pairing? We put together a few modern skirt trends with some of District’s® best sweatshirts to start you off!

super soft sweatshirt

Knee length pencil skirt + Full-zip hoodie

Known for fitting close to the body and creating a streamlined look, the pencil skirt has traditionally been reserved for either work attire or more formal going out looks. However, made out of the right materials, a pencil skirt can quickly become like second skin and be just as comfortable as a pair of leggings. Wearing this skirt with one of our super soft sweatshirts, like The Concert Fleece™ Full-Zip Hoodie, creates a chic, laid back look.

super soft sweatshirt

High waisted skater skirt + Crew

Skater skirts are one of the trendiest skirt styles today. You will recognize them by their short length and cute, twirly nature. These skirts look great with just about anything and come in a variety of styles from hardcore leather to frilly lace. We love the cool girl look of pairing this fun skirt with District’s® Concert Fleece™ Crew.

super soft sweatshirt

Fitted mini skirt + Wide neck pullover

One of our favorite super soft sweatshirts is our unique Core Fleece Wide Neck Pullover. Featuring a drop shoulder and drawcord waistband, we think it would look pretty perfect with a cute, fitted miniskirt. Our pullover comes in three color options, so try playing with different patterns and textures when it comes to your skirt choice.

Maxi skirt + Pullover hoodie

You may think that favorite comfortable maxi skirt of yours only looks good with a tank top and sandals. Maxi skirts can actually look great with a myriad of other items and style pieces, and super soft sweatshirts are no exception. Keep that comfort going and wear your maxi with our Concert Fleece™ Hoodie!

Put a feminine twist on your favorite fashion basics by pairing sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more with skirts, dresses, and heels.