Fun Ways to Stay Active

Get off that couch! We know that watching countless episodes of your favorite TV shows can be pretty fun, but what if we told you that working out could be just as exciting? This may come as a shock, since many of us dread going to the gym each day.

All we ask is that you trust us! Whether you prefer our t shirts or tank tops, we know you’ll be eager to head out and explore the wonderful world of fun fitness activities!

Sign Up for a Dance Class

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Whether it’s Zumba or ballet, dancing is quite possibly the most fun way you can get a workout. Some classes are pretty high in intensity and will work you hard. Nevertheless, these classes still can be fun, especially when you participate with friends and listen to upbeat dance music!

Other dance classes may call for more creativity and less endurance. The best part about these classes is that you’re getting a great workout and having fun in the process. Furthermore, you’re learning valuable skills that you can use at dances, weddings and parties for the rest of your life!

Register for a Themed Run

By signing up for themed races, you’ll have a chance to earn free t shirts to remember the day! Not too long ago, road races were pretty run of the mill. They might have had interesting courses that wrapped around a city or another outdoor area. Many times, themed races are organized to benefit a certain charity or organization.

In recent years, themed runs have been popping up all over the country! Some are obstacle course based, and often involve teamwork or even copious amounts of mud. Another type of themed race is a color run, where runners are covered with brightly-colored powders by the end of the race.

Join a Local Sports League

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If you like showcasing team spirit with sporty t shirts, then you’ll may also enjoy playing for a local sports league in your community. If you’re not on your school’s official team, join an intramural squad. If you’re out of school, there are a ton of great adult leagues run by rec centers or your city’s recreation department. Softball and basketball leagues are among the most popular, and some cities even have offbeat leagues like kickball! Now how fun does that sound?

Bike to Work

Each year, there is a national movement designed to encourage commuters to ride their bikes to work. This is easier said than done for many, but it’s definitely worth a try! Whether you want to meet friends for dinner or enjoy all that nature has to offer, riding your bike around town can really help you stay active at all times!

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