Functional Pieces for Every Wardrobe

At District® Clothing, we believe in functionality. High fashion may be fun to watch, and while you may even fantasize about walking down the runway yourself, wearing some of those pieces aren’t practical. From a hooded sweatshirt to quality tees, functional fashion basics are where it’s at, and District® Clothing has you covered!

We rounded up a few of our most versatile and useful pieces to highlight the basics that should be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Do you have these must-haves in your closet? See what functional pieces we picked and check off the items you have. It’s okay if you can’t check off every box—that’s what we’re here for.

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Hooded Sweatshirt

You can’t go wrong with a good hoodie! A hooded sweatshirt can keep you warm, dry, and looking good. Classic, fleece lined full-zips and pullovers are great jackets by themselves, but we also offer an array of hoodies that are thin enough to use for layering. Some of the lighter options that District® offers include lightweight jersey, Slub, and raglan hoodies.


From keeping the sun out of your eyes in the summertime to keeping your head and body warm in the winter, hats are quite possibly the most versatile and functional fashion accessories out there. District’s® collection of caps, beanies, and other headwear will not only help you conquer whatever elements may lie ahead, but assist in bringing your look’s potential to its fullest.

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Long Sleeves

Functional clothing pieces do more than just fulfill fashion ideals. They can keep your temperature where you want it—tank tops in the summer, long sleeves in the winter—and they can serve various other purposes. Long sleeve shirts, in particular, are quite possibly one of the most versatile basics you can own! They’re great for layering over tanks or swimsuits in the summer and under a hooded sweatshirt or coats in the winter, and they come in many different styles! District® Clothing offers a variety of long sleeve options, including Henley tees, slouchy wide necks, raglans, and thermals.

The Perfect Tee

You never forget the moment when you first try on your favorite tee shirt. Not only is it comfortable, but it fits perfectly and looks great too! The true test of a functional tee shirt is finding one that you can wear with anything from a hooded sweatshirt to leather jackets, jeans to sweatpants, and sneakers to dress shoes. Versatility is victorious!

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Polos & Collared Shirts

Many jobs, and even schools, have specific dress codes that require employees or students to wear business casual clothing. District’s® collection of polos and button down shirts are perfect for fulfilling these uniform requirements. Even for those individuals who do not necessarily need one of these shirts, odds are they will come in handy for you on some occasion, whether you are on the golf course or attending an interview!

These are just a few of the functional fashion pieces available at District® Clothing. Visit our website or check out our online catalog to see our entire line of tees, tanks, accessories, hooded sweatshirts, and more!