No need to fret over what you’re wearing for Halloween this year. We’ve got four awesome costumes featuring your favorite District styles. All you need to do is add some finishing touches!

1.) Cadet Camo
Use our Perfect Weight Tee in Military Camo and our Distressed Military Hat to get your patriotism on! Add some classic aviators, dog tags and camo-inspired makeup to achieve the final look.

2.) Daunting Devil
Start with our V-Neck Concert Tee in red, then add in some furry horns, pitchfork and bright red lips. Done.

3.) Rosie Riveter
You can do it girls! This costume is both simple and cute. All you need is our Washed Woven in Light Blue, red bandana and some red lipstick.

4.) Bumble Bee
Grab some electrical tape from your local hardware store and wrap it around our yellow Very Important Tee. Vary the pattern by making every other stripe a different width. Add a pair of wings and antennae and you’re ready for any costume party!