Headwear Basics: Our Brimmed Favorites

Our accessory collection at District® Clothing includes various items for both guys and girls, including bags, scarves, and most of all headwear. We love hats here at District®. Not only does a good hat add some extra fashion fun to any outfit, but most of them are practically useful as well. Hats can keep you warm and keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as keep you looking cool. We brought together a few of our favorites and matched them with some outfit ideas, using our favorite District® men’s t shirts and more. Be sure to take a look at all the headwear and accessory items at DistrictClothing.com!

Distressed Caps

We have several different cap options at District® Clothing, and each one has it’s own unique look and style. Our collection of distressed caps, including the Sun Bleached and Distressed Cap, Rip and Distressed Cap, and regular Distressed Cap, suggest a laid back attitude. They remind us of a carefree summer, the kind you hear about in a country song. The tears and nicks on your hat are like battle scars, reminders of everything your hat’s been through. Kick back in your favorite jeans, your favorite v neck t shirt, and of course, your favorite hat, and enjoy the ride!

Mesh Back Caps

Also known as trucker hats, these billed, mesh-back caps have long been appreciated by retro fashion aficionados. While they never really went out of style, the trend seems to have had a fresh resurgence. Now, they’re more popular than ever. Each of District’s® mesh back caps has its own role in your wardrobe. The standard Mesh Back Cap is perfect for outdoor activities, the Tri-Tone is a great choice for applying logos for teams or groups, and the bright color and pattern options of the Flat Bill Snapback Trucker Cap can be the cherry on top of your most skater-inspired outfit, assembled from our tanks, v neck t shirts or boardshorts.

Military Hats & Beanies

While our beloved caps give off a relaxed vibe, our military hats offer a more fashion-forward agenda than a functional one. Military hats of course came from a very functional background, derived from the round-topped, boxy-brimmed hats worn by armed forces around the world for decades. As with many such items, their unique look transformed them into a fashion item coveted by many. Now available in a variety of styles including District’s® Distressed and Houndstooth, we think they would look great with one of our v neck t shirts for men, skinny black or dark-colored pants, and a hoodie or jacket.