Headwear Basics: Cold Weather Companions

A lot of our hats are worn for fashionable purposes, but many of them are functional, too. As summer winds down, so will temperatures. Before you know it, you’ll be needing warm clothing and accessories. Throw on your long sleeve thermal, boots, and fleece jacket, and check out some of our cold weather friendly headwear!

Beanies Make the World Go ‘Round

As fall and winter near, your go-to beanie will surely be the center of your wardrobe-universe! District® has a beanie for everyone, from the most trendy fashionistos to the everyday guys that just need something to cover up their heads when it’s cold.

  • Spaced-Dyed Beanie
    The everyman’s beanie. Not too big, not too small, and no extra frills. The four color options will go with just about anything, including your favorite hoodie or long sleeve thermal shirt, and the heathered patterns add a little visual interest. But above all, it’s a great hat to throw in your car or bag just in case you need it!
  • Vintage Striped Beanie
    You probably had one of these bad boys when you were a kid. Well surprise, surprise, they’re back in style! On any given Sunday (especially late in the season) you can even see pro football players donning a striped pom beanie on the sideline. The best part about ours is the removable pom—it’s really like two hats in one!
  • Slouch Beanie
    Calling all cool guys everywhere! Sure this knit beanie will keep you warm, but, man, will it make you look good, too! Since it’s available in ten color options, including some in dip dye and neon, you could wear this hat all year ‘round if you wanted.

Ear flaps are your friends

For some serious warmth in the winter, we advise taking a look at our hats that feature ear flaps. All of these options also feature tassels or a strap to really hug themselves around your head to protect it from inclimate weather.

  • Trapper
    This hat is no joke. The faux fur lining featured on the interior is about the warmest thing District® Clothing has to offer. Pair it with one of our fleece hoodies or long sleeve thermal shirts and you won’t even need a coat.
  • Knit Hat with Ear Flaps
    Dare we say this hat is a classic? You can’t go wrong with the fleece lining and the roped tassels on the top and the ear flaps. Available in five color options, you will, no doubt, be grabbing this hat come winter.
  • Cabled Beanie with Pom
    A close cousin to our Knit Hat, the Cabled Beanie is a bit thicker and definitely cozier. This hat will have you craving hot chocolate and a night by the fireplace.

Don’t forget to pair our cold weather hats with our other winter-friendly items, like our fleece hoodies, long sleeve thermals, and more!