Holiday Hair

You’ve got the outfit, the accessories and the shoes in place. All you need is a stand-out hairstyle to complete your look. Thanks to the editors at Allure, Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, we’ve pulled together four killer looks that will have all eyes on you this party season.

Bombshell Waves
Lucy Hale’s waves evoke that perfect old Hollywood glamour that is timeless and chic. For a look that lasts into the late-late hours, set hair in hot rollers and touch up with a curling iron before gently brushing out into cascading waves.

Aim High
A bun is just a bun….until you hike it up really high like Diane Kruger. Then it suddenly becomes a statement — and super dressy! Mist on a shine spray to lend a smooth polish (and make it clear you didn’t come from the gym).

Undone Updo
Create beachy curls like Mila Kunis by wrapping hair in a figure 8 around your iron, while holding it vertically. Do a low, loose bun and push out some pieces in the front.

Messy, Chic Side Braid
The finished look should look effortless, casual, and not too done. Build up texture by prepping hair with a salt spray. Maintain body by diffusing hair, and use your fingers to rake it to one side, then create a ponytail by fastening the top and the bottom with elastic bands. Pull out the top section and create a fishtail braid. Add a festive clip to the base of the ponytail.

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