Holidays You Need to Celebrate

Everyone knows the most popular holidays, especially when it means a day off of work or school! But did you know that each of the 365 days has some kind of occasion or holiday attached to it? Some commemorate specific events, but others are just meant to be fun or special reminders. Here are a few upcoming random holidays that we plan on celebrating, plus outfits for each of them featuring District Clothing hats, shirts, and tank tops for men and women!

Women’s Equality Day—8/26
Made an official day in 1971, Women’s Equality Day was commemorated to celebrate the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. There are many events that take place around the country on this day each year, but how do you dress for such an important anniversary? We thought it would be fun to create an outfit inspired by an iconic images for women’s rights, Rosie the Riveter! Men can wear this look, too!

– District Made™ Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt in Light Blue (don’t forget to roll those sleeves!)
– Dark wash jeans
– Red and white polka-dotted head band or head scarf
– District® 2X1 Rib Tank Top

Wonderful Weirdos Day—9/9
Doesn’t this just sound fun? Let’s face it: everyone is weird in his or her own way, but some people show it more than others. On this goofy holiday, let your freak-flag fly! Burst into song on the subway, walk backwards down the street, or wear a crazy outfit! Here are a few fun District® Clothing hats that you can wear with either your normal, everyday wear or something weirder to celebrate!

Hand Knit Cat-Eared Beanie
Vintage Striped Beanie with Removable Pom
Floppy Sun Hat

Lace Day—9/27
Whether you’re a crafter, fashionista, or someone with an affinity for vintage, you need to celebrate Lace Day this year! Plan a lace crafting day with friends, or even learn how to make your own lace! If you’re a true lace-aficionado you probably have plenty of lacy dresses, shirts, or tank tops. But if you want to subtly celebrate the day, get your hands on our Tri-Blend Lace Tee, which features a fun lace inset on the upper back.

Universal Music Day—10/11
At District® Clothing, we love music. We even share new music every Monday on Facebook! So, it’s only right that we celebrate Universal Music Day! Wear your headphones all day, turn up the radio at work, or go see a local show! Share your favorite music with your friends and family, or even just on social media. We suggest wearing your favorite band t-shirt or tank top using mens and womens apparel from District® Clothing!