How to Create Fall-Inspired Outfits

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to dust off all of your fall favorites – sweaters, scarves, and boots – and keep your eyes peeled for this year’s hottest fall trends when you’re out and about.

Not sure what fashion staples to look for? At District, we’re always happy to lend a hand with your outfit inspirations. We’re going to walk you through countless ways that you can perfect your fall-inspired outfits.


Know What Colors Are In This Season

Finding well-informed fall outfit inspirations begins with figuring out which colors are a hit this season. Once you know what colors were popular on the runways, you can work on incorporating them into your wardrobe.

It’s quite possible that you already have a few of this season’s most popular hues in your closet, so creating on-trend, fall-inspired outfits won’t require an expensive overhaul of your current threads. However, there are also a few playful departures you probably overlooked, but should definitely embrace. Here’s a look at the Pantone Color Institute’s Fall 2016 palette:

  • Sharkskin and Warm Taupe: Neutral tones which offer a level of stability to your wardrobe.
  • Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, and Potter’s Clay: Red tones to lend your fall outfit inspirations a feeling of confidence and warmth.
  • Riverside and Airy Blue: Blue tones that add consistency and strength to your wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to add a few exotic options to your wardrobe with a bright pop of color. Choose hues like Lush Meadow (a vibrant, yet sophisticated shade of green), Spicy Mustard, and Bodacious (a hot pinkish purple that is vibrant, unexpected, and versatile enough to pair with many of the other Pantone colors of the season).

How to Work Fall Colors Into Your Wardrobe

A common theme among fall outfits is a darker color palette, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bright color from time to time. Here are a few tips you can use to seamlessly work the vibrant Pantone colors into your fall outfit inspirations.

Make sure you have plenty of earthy-colored basics to use as an anchoring foundation—like burgundy, brown, yellow, orange, burnt, or red—and highlight your outfit with contrasting colors, such as white, gray, black, hints of blue, and use a single exotic shade per outfit. Remember, a little bit of color goes a long way.


Here are a few fall outfit inspirations we’ve come up with:

  • Layer a vibrant tee beneath a brown or black jacket, and then finish your look off with your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Pair a colorful skirt or dress with a dark or neutral-colored cardigan, black leggings, and booties.
  • Add an upbeat, eye-catching element to an overall neutral look by experimenting with brightly colored clutches, hats, scarves, and/or jewelry.

Incorporate This Season’s Go-To Patterns, Prints, & Fabric Favorites

Now that you’ve been thoroughly introduced to the fall 2016 color palette, it’s time to walk you through a few of this season’s go-to patterns, prints, and fabric favorites that you can work into your fall outfit inspirations.

Plaid: If you want to keep your look sharp and sophisticated, infuse your wardrobe with plaid and checked patterns. From pleated skirts and fitted trousers to oversized coats and more, there are plenty of ways that you can make this pattern a part of your fall style, whether you’re trying to come up with fall outfit inspirations that are appropriate for work or when you’re off the clock.


Moody Florals: Looking for a feminine option? Go for a moody floral number. Florals aren’t just for spring and summer anymore; with a dark, rich color scheme, moody florals are taking center stage this fall season. From tiered floral dresses and flowy skirts to bold floral print sweatshirts, there are plenty of ways that you can make this trend your own.

Animal Prints: Leopard print came roaring back to life this season, making notable appearances at Alexander Wang, Coach, and Stella McCartney. Tame the beast by making it a part of your fall outfit inspirations. Not feeling the spots? Other popular animal prints this season include zebra stripes and tiger stripes, as well all-over graphic designs of birds, deer, and cats.

Velvet: Featured in designs from Antonio Berardi, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Gucci, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs—the list goes on and on—velvet is definitely one of the most popular fabric trends this season. However, pulling off runway styles in your own fall outfit inspirations can be tricky sometimes, and velvet is the perfect example.

If you think you can wear a head-to-toe velvet ensemble and look great, by all means, go for it! However, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to pull it off, it’s perfectly understandable. You’re not the only one. Here’s our advice: work velvet into your fall outfit inspirations with a few spot-on accents. For instance, a nice pair of velvet heels or booties, a velvet scarf, or a velvet handbag can complement a wool or leather outfit.


PVC: This ultra-glossy, faux leather alternative builds off of last year’s patent leather trend, and it’s featured on a number of pleated leather skirts, high-shine leather trench coats, tops, and pants. If you want to tone it down a bit for your fall outfit inspirations, follow the same advice we gave for the velvet trend—use it as an inspiration for your accessories. A stylish PVC clutch or headband is all you need.

Precious Metals: This seasonal standout comes in many different forms—from statement jewelry and edgy clothing accents to a wide range of couture clothing made with metallic fabrics. Popular metal colors used this season include yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, copper, and bronze, but silver also made a notable appearance. To utilize this trend with your fall outfit inspirations, shop for a metallic clutch, handbag, pair of heels, dress, or blouse.

Sporty Chic

Cool, casual pieces with a sporty influence were also making a statement on the runway this season, with designs from Alexander Wang, Rebecca Taylor, Coach, and Gucci featuring bold pops of color and exciting details that draw the eye. If you’re an avid sports fan, this is your time to shine! Show off your team spirit with all of your favorite varsity inspired pieces.


Pair your lucky jersey with jeans and tennis shoes for a sporty chic outfit that’s perfect for fall. Keep off the chill with a leather varsity jacket, or keep it casual by accessorizing with a trusty baseball or tossle cap.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Holiday Spirit!

Some of our favorite fall holidays are right around the corner, so showcase your holiday spirit all season long with holiday inspired looks. There are plenty of spooky and harvest-themed elements you can seamlessly work into your daily wear this fall season, whether you’re keeping it casual for a trip to a pumpkin patch with your family or dressing to impress for a day at the office. Here are a few ways that you can show off your holiday spirit with your fall outfit inspirations.

Keep It Subtle with Well-Chosen Accessories

If you’re going for a more subtle expression of holiday spirit, stick to accessories. Black cats, spiders, and skulls will all add a spooky element to your outfit, while pumpkins, gourds, grapes, and pears will add a harvest theme to your attire. Focus on introducing these elements with your jewelry, your hat and scarf combo, your handbag, or—if you’re one of the guys out there—your tie! As long as you know where to mix them in, they won’t be too distracting for the workplace or make your outfit feel like a gimmick.


Full Ensembles Inspired By Your Favorite Fall Holidays

If you want to show off your holiday spirit in a more robust way, here are a few head-to-toe ensembles that are easy to recreate, and muted enough for everyday wear. We’ve also made sure that each one is infused with elements that are hot off this season’s runway.

A Witch’s Attire: If black is your power color, this spellbinding look is right up your alley. To pull it off, all you need is a pair of knee high boots, a black dress or skirt (extra points if it has an asymmetrical hem), silver accessories, and a chic hat. Asymmetrical hems and midi-length hemlines on skirts and dresses have been put on a pedestal by a number of designers this season, as have metal accents. Opt for silver bangles, silver cord necklaces, or a silver studded belt.

Pilgrim Attire: Renaissance chic styles are also a big deal on the runway this season, with designers using plenty of velvet, ruffles, and statement sleeves in their showcases. Use this trend to your advantage when creating a toned down, yet flattering play on pilgrim attire. Keep your color scheme plain (mostly black and white), your coverage modest, and include plenty of buttons and ruffles. For an even more toned-down look, wear a simple button up with a pair of black slacks and boots.

Farmhand Attire: This time of the year, orchards are brimming with apples and farmlands are rich with harvest, making this spin on farmhand attire a welcome addition to your repertoire of fall inspired outfits. Try to pull it off a collared shirt (extra points if it’s denim), a jacket or vest, and a pair of leather boots. To finish your look, accessorize with a headwrap, a flowered headband, or make your own all-natural crown using golden wheat, woven straw, sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, and heliopsis.


Get Inspiration From Your Favorite Seasonal Treats

If you’re looking for whimsical ideas, simply take a look around you. When the fall season rolls in, what are some of the things you get most excited about? Food is always somewhere on that list. Don’t be afraid to channel your favorite seasonal treats into your fall outfit inspirations! Here are a few sweet examples:

Pumpkin Spice Latte: Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice lattes? Steam up your wardrobe this fall with a caramel colored cardigan, like our The Concert Fleece™ Full-Zip Hoodie in Neon Orange, a whipped cream colored shirt, like our Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee in Natural Heather, coffee colored bottoms, and black shoes.

Caramel Apple: For this decadent look, it’s all about pairing crisp colors that are straight from the orchard with warm caramel hues. To pull it off, start with our Slub V-Neck Tee in Green Tea, or our Very Important Tee® V-Neck in Classic Red, and then top it off with a caramel colored scarf or cardigan.

Candy Corn: The key to this candy-inspired look is layering white, yellow, and orange. As long as you have those three colors, you’re good to go. Here are a few of our District staples that are up for the job: The Concert Fleece™ Full Zip Hoodie in Neon Yellow, Juniors The Concert Tank in Neon Orange, Juniors Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie in White, and our 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee in Orange/White. If you’re missing one of the three colors in your fall outfit inspiration, add some colorful jewelry into the mix.


Finish Off Your Fall Outfit Inspirations with Trendy Outerwear

When it comes to shopping for trendy outerwear this season, you have an enormous amount of freedom. There were so many outerwear options seen on the runway that, no matter what your personal style is, you’re bound to find an option to fall in love with. Check out a few of our favorites:

  • Sleek and sophisticated utilitarian pieces that are full of attitude.
  • Statement fur coats. Can be real or faux, but extra points if it’s shearling. Choose solid, multicolored, or graphic designs like color-blocked squares, intersecting lines, and bold windowpane grids.
  • Bright velvet is a great way for you to introduce a surprising color like Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious, or
  • Riverside to your wardrobe.
  • Plaid overcoats.
  • Outerwear with feline prints.
  • PVC or patent leather trench coats.
  • Navy-inspired calf and ankle-length, double breasted coats.

Get Your Fashion Staples at District!

Now that you know what trends are hot this season, you can start putting together your fall outfit inspirations. Shop for all of your basics at The District, and check back often for more fashion tips.